I'm M.J., graphic designer and entrepreneur. Let's chat! My background is design and social media, and my passion is collaboration. Are you:

  • Looking to create a new logo?
  • Wanting to define your brand?
  • Needing a printable or illustration created for your business?
  • Searching for creative content?
  • Hoping to amplify your social media engagement?

YES?! Well, I think we'll make an awesome team. You can see a snippet of my work here. I've collaborated with individuals, brands, and networks, and I look forward to working with you.

“I’m so glad I got to work with MJ. She helped me identify with what I was looking for in a new logo for my brand and made the process feel low-stress. She provided several font and color variations along the way and waited for feedback before pursuing a direction. I ended up with a professional looking logo that gives the image I hoped for but couldn’t envision myself."

Julia Fain, Tag & Tibby