14 Silly Ways to Celebrate Valentine's

Tired of the usual celebrations? Here's 14 ways to celebrate silly for Valentine's Day.

Tired of the usual celebrations? Here's 14 ways to celebrate silly for Valentine's Day.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. One, twoo, fhree. Valentine's Day is all about the deep and meaningful love languages as well as the sappy and silly gestures that show you care.

This year we're going all in silly for Valentine's Day, and I wanted to share our fourteen favorite ideas for bringing some fun to February 14!

  1. Eat only heart-shaped foods for dinner. Here's how you create a few items in that beloved shape: fruits, bacon, veggies, and more.
  2. Wear as much red as you can. Accessories are worth two points. The winner gets red velvet cake or blood oranges (which are actually red).
  3. Write a simple poem using words that rhyme with love (above, dove, shove, of, glove) .
  4. Say love in a three new languages. For example: die liebe (German)
    and upendo (Swahili). Find even more here.
  5. Watch a great episode of Hart to Hart on YouTube. 
  6. Draw hearts with your initials and an arrow through them on a car window or in the snow/sand.
  7. Sing every song from the soundtrack to Love Actually at the top of your lungs.
  8. Redo your worst date but make it the best experience ever.
  9. Put your phone above your head, turn up the volume really high, and play In Your Eyes.
  10. Make chains of paper hearts and string them along your bathroom mirror.
  11. Recite (or memorize!) a sonnet from Shakespeare.
  12. Toast to love in the sappiest way you can. Accents are encouraged. Try this drink or this one to celebrate.
  13. Get your heart pumping with 14 jumping jacks for your love, but make your body into the shape of Xs and Os. (I said they were silly)
  14. Apply the perfect shade of red lipstick and add your smack to mirrors, windows, and the cheeks of those you love.


Tell me, tell me! What would you add to the list? Happy Valentine's Day, you wonderful person, you. Catch you this weekend for some of my favorite links.

xoxo, MJ