Hard. Work.

this from here.

Today is Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day. Did you know it? Likely the big day would have gone unnoticed to me had I not seen the Land of Nod's great pictures of smiling young faces immersed in cool, creative activities at Mom or Dad's super cool employer. (Do you follow Land of Nod on Twitter? Totally fun with impulses of creative ideas - highly recommend to any momma.)

I brought my daughter to work...yesterday (urgh, so close). I wasn't involved in a national movement or a part of a fabulous photo shoot involving super cute 4-year olds (I'm biased) and their mommas at work. Nope. Little C has strep throat. It's our first ever bout of the horribles like this so we adventured together to the doctor, on a few errands, back to my office, and then out for prescriptions. 

Have you ever taken your child or children to work, during office hours? I have, and I always relish hearing their response to my professional world. C noticed noises, pictures, and quirky happenings that I usually overlook.

I'm thinking a lot about "work" today. I describe myself as a hard worker. Most likely you'd probably fit into the same category, too, right? What kind are you? I'm the kind that goes full throttle and works and works and works until a project is where I like it, typically disregarding the cycles of the sun or moon. I'm kinda like a small rodent, let's pick a prairie dog, who digs and digs her hole, working away diligently, bit after bit. I work so hard to get down deep into that hole that often, once I'm down there, I just can't see the rays of sunshine any more.

this from C.

I can say with great certainty that my professional life has only been enriched and recharged by spending time here with you and fully jumping cannonball into the festivity of my kiddos.

Let's go ahead and give ourselves permission to take time to live our lives today. Sound good? I promise to remember from my beautifully dug-deep down hole.