Pattern Play: Polka Dots

Happy Monday!! How was the weekend, friends? We had a gorgeous one in the bright sunny skies of Chicago with some of my oldest and dearest friends. Navy Pier was the perfect setting for wonderful childhood memories for our little ones, and we toasted to new adventures over margaritas. Ahhh, summer.

I was inspired to hear that my oldest friend makes reading this here blog one of her daily activities. I was touched really! Thanks to all of you loyal readers who hop back over post after post to see what's going on over here in Pars Caeli. You're noticeably appreciated.

We're back to Pattern Play Monday! Welcome, welcome. Today's pattern: the classic polka dot.

I'm pulling back my super long bangs (which will be trimmed this week from their near chin-long status) with this lovely sating polka dot headband. Polka dots were made fashionable as early as the 1850s when a dance of the same name became popular. I still find them incredibly fashionable, fun, and fresh, particularly in the dark/light contrasting tones.

I found these two wishlist polka dot numbers for you. The shoes are from Madden Girl and you can find them over here on sale! And this flirty one shoulder dress from Forever21 screams, "Take me to a great summer concert and then out for a glass of wine, husband." ...Or maybe that was just the private conversation I had with it. Either way, I love how they accessorized it simply and let the simple polka dots shine.
Are you daring a pattern today? Have any great ideas you want to share for our next Pattern Play?

Thanks for stopping over. It's always lovely to have you here.


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