Celebrate the Normal: From my view

Welcome to a wonderful Wednesday! This new series, Celebrate the Normal, is inspiring some amazing work and moving me to see more sharply the beauty around me every day. I feel so honored to share with you these images of everyday ordinary from professional photographers, great artists, talented bloggers, and full-on life enthusiasts. In week two, we have nearly 50 photo submissions, a blog post, and a Twitter post to boot.

Here's what I've been thinking about:

We all hold within our grasp, within our days, a whole host of normals, no?

Just two weeks ago, I was correcting my 8-year old on her use of the word normal. One of M's favorite new terms is "weird" - e v e r y thing is weird. I finally asked her to find a substitute for weird, weird, weird. Her solution: not normal. I challenged that one, too.

"Your normal," I said, "is very different from someone else's, even someone like your sister who lives very close to you. Imagine how different normal is to someone who lives in Africa or Antarctica." I was on my mom soapbox and on a roll.

What I've discovered this week is that my normal and your normal just might overlap quite a bit (even though I hop on my soapbox, I might not *ahem* always be right).

And your bringing to light the beauty around you allows me and even subconsciously urges me to open my eyes wider.

And to live a bit more completely.

The Dandelion Seed was Blowin' in the Wind {Joan Baez's less popular song} ~ by Jen at @jenmygatt on Instagram
The kidneybean plant that Brett brought home from school. Fast growing out if its tiny plastic cup and still too cool to plant outside. It has sprouted little bean pods already in just a few short weeks. ~ by Stephanie at @scatt85 on Instagram
More eggs than I can carry in one hand. I call that a good day. ~ from Rachel at Podunk Posh
We left the dry leaves there for a great contrasting background? ~ from MJ at Pars Caeli
sunrise. snowflakes. lots of puppy breaks ~ by Brittani of BrittaniRenee
That's a mighty fine 'choke. ~ from Clare of CSquaredW

Sweetest little birdhouse. ~ from Brooke of Grace and Light

Freshly painted front door ~ from Louise of Laid Off Mom
Love coming home to packages in the mail from faraway friends who know exactly what you need the moment you need it. ~ from Theresa of Inspiration Coop
Sometimes you have to ignore the dirty dishes & tune out the outside world, so you can cuddle on the floor during Super Why. ~ from Meagan at Unexpectant
Haircut ~ from Jill of Every Day is an Occasion
~ from Colleen
Quiet afternoon ~ by Julia of Life on Churchill

Breakfast: waffle with almond butter and raspberry jam. It's gonna be a good day. 


It is gonna be a good day. And we have the power to make it so even when our normal is less than awesome, filled with crying kids, covered with illness, or disappointing to our expectations.

Let's push each other up.

Please join in the celebration!! Add your images via Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #celebratethenormal by next Monday midnight. If you're up for it, focus around this theme or take one of your own:


xoxo, MJ