Celebrate the Normal: Today is

Hello lovelies.

It's not a normal day around here.

my birthday.

I will be celebrating with a full day of good, hard work, a trip to Starbucks to contemplate all the beauty in my life, a journey to the dress rehearsal for my two daughters' ballet performance, and a date with my hubby to see Wicked and follow that up with drinks & dessert.

This is not normal.

But I am celebrating.

And I'm so grateful to all of you who are celebrating with me. These photos are more amazing every week!! Only the best for you, dear readers, only the best.


The day I wait for all year, in which I happen upon the first peonies of the season from Joy.

Come out little Ladybug by Jen at @jenmygatt on Instagram

Criss-crossing the skies on a perfect day by @teddy4775 on Instagram

Wish I could stay in bed and read all day. Oh well, happy Monday! from Theresa

A bit of green in a styrofoam cup. I love preschool projects. from Julia

Today is library day #myfavorite by Paige

More eggs! by Meagan

Today was perfect, even with its meltdowns and strikeouts. The cool lake breezes and easy child smiles took it over the top by MJ

Inside here by Lacy

Peaceful end to a very busy weekend. by Brittani

Birthday cheesecake for my niece two nights in a row? Why not #shedeservesit by MyLittleAddiction

Thank you for allowing me to open and share my happiness and struggles with you. I am so blessed.

Have a treat for me today, won't you?

xoxo, MJ‎

P.S. Join in the party next week to #celebratethenormal. Our theme will be: