Celebrate the Normal: Changes

Ah, friends, how did it get to be Wednesday? Thanks for your patience with me. We were blessed with rounds of visitors last week, and I worked the weekend while the rest of the fam headed into Chicago.

Blah, blah, blah, right? That's all to say that I missed my post yesterday for Celebrate the Normal, but it's a a celebration post so we're just going to do our best to keep the spirits high.

Lacy Leaf :: Just look at the damage those darn beetles have done to our tree ~ Jen Mygatt

Car got an oil change so we went across the street for breakfast and playland ~ Alex

Water dancing ~ Meagan

Time to change the color and give the tootsies some love. ~ teddy4775

Lily on her birthday. Almost 2 years ago!! Where does the time go??? ~ erin_lily

Her first ballet class (and reward for playing tee ball). ~ Theresa

Love turning down this road to go to story time at Notre Dame ~ Jill

My son gave this sun-changer ring to his favorite girl. ~ MJ

Endless clouds ~ Brittani

~ Dani

Thank you to all the amazing artists who joined the party this week. Let's keep celebrating the wonderful normal that is around us. And let's leave behind the stuff that might be weighing us down.