A site freshening


Remember when it was okay to go to a website and hit a symbol like this? The days of downtime and the days when the internet was not so essential.

Well, I have come to discover that blogging is an essential part of a happy life for me. At the same time, I am a stickler for a good aesthetic. So that leaves me to this lovely diamond post.

I've got some rearranging and dusting to do here at Pars Caeli to get us ready for the fall (my very favorite of all) so the blog will be out of commish for the next few days to get everything prettied up. I'll let you know via Twitter when we're all ready for visitors again (btw, are we chatting on Twitter yet? Let's do that. I'm at @parscaeli).

Thanks for the understanding. We're all a little under construction anyway, right?