Memorial Day Games & Activities

It's about that time to celebrate and relax with the opening weekend of summer: Memorial Day! Whether you're spending the holiday with oodles of family and friends or kicking back for a low-key day at home, I've found some of fabulous activities to enjoy the outdoors and togetherness.

1. Scavenger Hunts are the best! And this one by Play Dr. Mom combines the alphabet and searching, challenging young players to bring items from the outdoors to match up with as many letters as they can find.

2. Looking for a fast DIY for your backyard? Grab a dollar store shower curtain and some painters tape and make a jumbo tic tac toe board. Colorful frisbees make great markers, too! Check out how A Turtle's Life for Me put it all together.

3. Bucket toss is a classic in any arrangement. Pull out the rainbow hues and arrange at a close distance, in a triangle, or far apart to challenge the entire family. Apply numbers to buckets like they've done over on Gets Bored Easily to add another level to the toss game.

4. If your Memorial Day will bring high temps, cool off with some water balloon pinatas like these. Pool noodles make fun bats, too!

5. The poppy is a symbol of remembrance and is often linked to Memorial Day. These lovely flowers were created in a few simple steps - make these together for the holiday! Check out Bar's poppy project over on Handmade Charlotte.

What does your holiday bring? Are you ready to welcome in summer?

xoxo, MJ