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Celebrate the Normal: At This Moment

How's your normal life going, friend? Whether it's been a star-struck amazing or a week of the worsts, we're going to try to celebrate it here.

Pars Caeli has been described as a warm, positive spot on the internet, and I hope that it will always be so for you and those special people in your life (to whom you send this lovely URL). But I never want it to be a spot where we ignore the rain and the clouds just to get to the sunshine.

Fact is for many of us, and many more throughout the world, normal can be a sad or frightening reality.

The deeper I go into this series, the more I realize just how amazing my ordinary is. Peek into my everyday, and it's a bit ho hum with work, shuttling children, cleaning (or skipping) dishes, etc.

But the two new freckles that C developed on her beautiful, clear face... those are extraordinary.

And the indescribable color of the tulips...

That squirrel's expression while he munches on his snack...

Well, you get the idea. The moments when I can Celebrate the Normal, well, they don't take away the worry, the pain, the sadness that is also a part of the normal.

But these moments do offer layers. The hurts we feel are not one dimensional and neither are our joys. They each fit together in some way in the story that is uniquely ours.

So why not celebrate when we can?

"Rejoicing in ordinary things is not sentimental or trite. It actually takes guts." ― Pema Chödrön

At this moment I'm contemplating the name of this color yellow. ~Paige

Specs, red lips, and a floral ~ MJ

What do you do at the end of a busy day? Eat mud of course. ~ Marilynn

Grateful. Taking a much needed breath of fresh air. ~Melanie

sunset view... at this moment. ~Brittani

To all the hardworking, beautiful mamas ... Have a wonderful day! ~Theresa

Three babies! 1 sleeping, 2 ready for food. ~ Meagan

{Wild Berry Blossom} There were a lot of either wild raspberry or blackberry bushes along the Greenway Trail this afternoon. ~ Jen (jenmygatt on Instagram)

I'm looking for a furry friend to add to our little family. (This one's already taken.) ~ Joy

Huge thanks for all of this week's artists. I love seeing all that you bring to this project!!

Next week we'll feature photos that encapsulate your life. Bring it on!! Let the snapping begin.

xoxo, MJ