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Ready to Pray

Hi friends,

I'm hoping to find a better way to get myself and my kiddos ready for Sundays. Our pastor made the suggestion a few weeks ago that we should all take the time to digest the readings before we come into Church. I've done this here and there, but I thought it would be so much more worthwhile to do it as a family.

This week we pulled out the Ipad and went to this website to find what we would hear at Sunday's liturgy. M was able to read the psalm and C and L waited patiently to see what we'd be doing after we were done with all this listening. :)

This week we celebrate the Nativity of John the Baptist, 6.24.12

Here are some questions and thoughts to discuss as a family:

1. What is a Nativity? Who was John the Baptist?

2. Why is his birth/his life an important one?

Our activity involved the psalm for this week which is one of my very favorites.

Feel welcome to download our idea sheet here.  I had one sheet for each child and we spent 15 minutes brainstorming, writing, and drawing everything good that God made about each of us.

I found it a really powerful exercise to do with each of them. I offered ideas of wonderfulness they had not thought of, and I was reminded of other great talents that had not shown themselves lately. We also spent time talking about how we should appreciate what God has given us, even when we want our hair to be more curly like our friend's or we want to be taller like another friend. God has made us wonderful.

Happy Sunday, friends. Hope to post more of these each week as we challenge ourselves to dig deeper into God's word.