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A Holiday Baby Shower

In my first pregnancy, with our oldest daughter, I was showered with showers. Generous friends, coworkers and relatives hosted a handful of celebrations and provided everything that we could need for Sweet Baby K (as she was known to them since we had not found out the sex of the baby during ultrasounds).

Due at the end of December, I decided that late fall was the best time to cut off extensive travel. One of the last trips I took was to Pittsburgh to celebrate a shower hosted by my mom and sister. These ladies invited family, young and old, men and women, immediate and distant to come for an afternoon of laughs and congratulatory gestures.

Unbeknownst to me, my mother and sister had contacted all of the guests prior to the celebration to ask them to send wishes for Sweet Baby K. My mom then turned those wishes into ornaments and presented my husband and me with a truly heartfelt Christmas tree.

I'm sharing more about our very special holiday gift of at Unexpectant, a great blog published by my friend, Meagan, for pregnant, new, and long-time moms. I'm delighted to be over there - come check it out!

Have a lovely weekend, friends! Off to some Christmas parties and one very special date!!

xoxo, MJ

Gifts of Great Design

This month is turning out to be a month of giving and celebrations that will spill over into a November and a December that also include shopping for lots of somethings special. I've been hoarding some fabulous finds to feed your imagination for the baby showers, birthday parties, and special announcements that come your way!

1. Can't help but push those shoulders back and add a little kick to my step with this happy doormat. Furbish Studios knows how to start the day off right. Why not give it to someone with a swank new job? Or fabulous college acceptance?

2. Oh, my goodness, that is amazing!! Is it your 15th anniversary? Did you just sign your first mortgage? Get a promotion? Do this next. Head over to Emily's studio site and commission yourself a beautiful landscape painting. You can frame the color palette and the feeling you want, and everyone will be asking where that beautiful art came from?!

3. These pebble tape measures are gorgeous and practical. I thought one of these would make a super cool housewarming present. But why not a grad present? An anniversary? Because it's Thursday?

4. Friends have a new baby on the way. With the shower upcoming, I have this unique font puzzle in mind. Every prodigy needs to know her fonts, right? Why not start young? Great construction, too.

5. I love a good garland to declare, "THIS IS A PARTY!" Have you seen the array of garland choices over at Land of Nod? Every celebration is covered. With this whimsical peppermint trail, any space will be fresh and cheerful. Why not pop it in an envelope and surprise someone across the country or across the pond?

Is there anyone in particular that you're celebrating who is tough to shop for? Need any ideas?

xoxo, MJ