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Chat It Up: Fresh Flowers..Worth It?

Hello, lovelies!! Let me wish you a happy week and a happy Tuesday. It was so delightful to chat with some beautiful ladies last week about how we loves our magazines. So many of us are torn between digital and paper, but I think paper edged ahead. Want to add your voice to the conversation? We're even commenting on comments, and it's getting to be a second-cup-of-coffee banter for me.

Let's chat about something I've been thinking about a lot lately with the gloomy, cold, snowy weather. This time of year, in particular, brings out the flower lover in me. I adore fresh flowers all year round, but I find I "need" them Dec-April.

For nearly a decade, I spent somewhere between $6-10 a week on fresh flowers. The fragrant blooms were just as important as the eggs and butter on the list. Well, maybe even more essential in that they could bring me to positivity on bad days in a way that no configuration of butter or eggs could ever do.

When silk and paper flowers were still the rage, I could get by with faux arrangements when the weather outside was tolerant. But no matter what the season, I've always felt more productive, more creative, and capable in the presence of fresh blooms.

Now I'm a sensible (wha??) momma of three with an adorable budget-conscious hubby and that makes the $500ish a year for bouquets feel a little more frivolous than necessary. However, my husband is consistently bringing home flowers and planting blooming buds in the yard to satiate my blooming, living appetite.

So, I'm interested would you or do you spend money on a regular basis for fresh flowers? Are plants sufficient for you? Or do you not notice the difference?

How would you spend that $10/week?

I'm going to grab my mug... can't wait to chat with you soon!

xoxo, MJ

PS. My fave? Flowers in my hair - like one big bloom. Would you do it?

$15 and under presents for your little lady

We've all had the experience of walking down the aisles of Target, intent to find those four things on the list, and somehow realizing that we do really "need" that one dollar pop-of-pink frame or the cute patterned box (I have thought of a hundred and one uses for those...but I think all of mine are collecting dust in the basement). That place is just dangerous.

In prepping for C's birthday, I spent some quality time with the shelves of Target, and it did not disappoint.

I'm always looking for cute gifties for my two little ladies, and trying to keep my eyes open for great presents that we can bring to friend birthday parties that won't thin my pocketbook. Here are three gems that got the thumbs up from my 5-year old.

C is a total natural at Jenga, too. On her first round, she blew me away with her steady hand. That neon and pink zip wallet is a hit and now proudly holds her brand new (pretend) princess phone. And the candy striped slap watch - delish.

Do you have any tried-and-true birthday or just-because presents that you keep on hand? I always try to have a few great picture books and some games ready to go for whenever a happy moment strikes.

Have a bright weekend, friends! We plan to make some birthday party invitations for C's big blast with her girlfriends, read some Hunger Games, and start planting away. Oh, and if I had to guess, the kid's sprinkler is likely to get aimed my way.