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The Fall Bucket List

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Oh, wait. That was written for another season...but I'm hacking it for fall. I will miss summer (you were so lovely this year), but I am ready to welcome autumn with its colors and cozy scents in a warm embrace.

So, happy fall, friends! As a family we made a list of adventures we want to enjoy together this season, similar to the one we created for the summer. This past weekend as we reminsced over our favorite summer memories, we also tallied up all our favorite aspects of fall. It's always good to have something to keep you moving forward! Looking back on our summer list, I am happily surprised by how many of these ideas we were able to do. We treat our bucket lists as great go-to ideas to make the most of the season with no pressure involved. 

Here in Indiana, there is so much to do as we transition to a time of harvest and get to the heart of what makes this land so wonderful.

Are you ready for apple dumplings, crisp and colorful leaves, and a whole lot of football? How do you celebrate the change of seasons?

xoxo, MJ