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Celebrate the Normal: Inside Here

Happy May!! Wednesday is a celebration day around Pars Caeli. I have so loved seeing the images of normal life in your part of the world. Admittedly I check throughout the week via Twitter and Instagram to see and giggle and gawk. Through this process, some of you have really embraced a new approach to looking at your environment; some of you have even changed your perspective on your every day life. High five on all of those!!


This week I can say that Celebrate the Normal has been a reality check for me. The normal I expect every day - from warm hugs from my kids and good morning kisses from my husband to a job that makes me laugh and work hard to a warm home and spring beauty around me - each element has become so much a part of the background of my life. I somehow wake up acting like I deserve all this goodness or rather that I have done something to deserve the normal around me.

And, fact is.

It is all a gift.

My normal is a blessed one (yours is, too).

And I'm determined to move the background into my daily perspective. It's always time to celebrate.

I hope you'll consider offering up a prayer of gratitude for the normal around you. I hope, too, you'll join the party next week. Send photo by Monday midnight via Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #celebratethenormal.

Our new theme:

This week's theme was Inside Here, and each photo adds a different viewpoint and a spark of beauty, if I do say so.

xoxo, MJ

The Life of Chive from Jen at @jenmygatt on Instagram






                     Book picnic kind of day from Jill of Every Day is an Occasion

look up by Brittani

Happy note found on the Ipad today by MJ of Pars Caeli

Had a visitor during my product photoshoot today from My Little Addiction

#springhassprung from scatt85 on Instagram

Spring beauties from @teddy4775 on Instagram

        Typical Saturday: dance party at Ikea. from Erin of Such Small Steps

Ice cream for dinner tonight. Because we worked hard this weekend and we deserve it - from Rachel of Po Dunk Posh

Playing at the lake from Julia of Life on Churchill St.

Aw, enjoying some memories from last week. Have a great day! from Theresa of Inspiration Coop

Sick girls snuggling in bed like old lady friends... from Lacy of Living on Love

Enjoying the beautiful weather in a sun-filled cafe on the North Shore from Joy of Frock Files