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This is us.

These are my people. You may remember that I introduced you already. These are my inspires - my core, my life, and the best gigglers I know (yes, even my hubby).  

Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be. ~Mt 6

They are a super huge reason why I've started this blog, and they are the major reason why I've been only thinking about blogging and following awesome blogs for many, many years.

I have my dreams and in every one of them these beautiful people are the main characters. 

I'm not sure, however, if their dreams involve a leading role in the great worldwide web.

This little bitty blog is my place to share home, design, faith, and life - with you. 

Sooner than I'd like, these littles will be biggies with their circles of friends and awesome activities and, at least to begin this adventure (I reserve the right to change my mind*), I'm going to give them their own space to avoid the embarrassment of their momma. They'll be the protagonists in all of my stories but, for now, this is your key in the photo glossary of Pars Caeli.

So many blogging moms out there give us an open view into their homes, their professional life balance, their kids' interests and fashions. (e.g.: Gabby, Kelly, and Melissa are among my faves)

I have read along in awe and gawked at lovely photos - motivated to be more, and moved to be happy with now.

It's tough not showing you all the 1000s of cute photos I have of each child (yes, you've been spared), but I think for now, this is the right choice for us and Pars Caeli.

Pars Caeli (pars kiley) is the name my hubby and I gave our home when we moved into it, two days after our wedding. And now it's my great delight to welcome you to my web home, a lovely extension of our piece of Heaven.

What are your thoughts, dear readers? What guides you in what to share or not to share on the internet?

Thanks for coming over. Let's talk again soon.


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Friday: in focus

I was just about to lay on the floor (it's where I get all my best work done) and write a thankful Friday post at the end of week one of blogging. It's been so much fun to discover the inner workings of HTML and blog interfaces, make my fair share of mistakes, and connect with great ladies out in the blogosphere.

I started this blog to inspire. I started this blog to inspire myself.

It's working.

Sometimes we're not fully aware of the little pieces of Heaven all around us.

Sometimes we overlook our own capacity to be one of those pieces.

I was just about to get into the meat of this post when this little guy (L, not Mickey) got something in his eye and needed his momma more than the world wide web needed more words from me.

Before I go, let me pass on a dash of happy that came to me through Adina and was written over at Tiny Twig on how to find, grow, and keep your passion. So good and well timed.

Okay, I'm off to do some cuddling and mending. Have a bright weekend...thanks for coming over.

And don't forget to check over at Approaching Joy for some great Saturday fun! I'll recap here on Monday, too.

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Free downloadable inspire

I'm the mom of 3. For the sake of their privacy I'll refer to my children by their initials (I'm a big fan of those, too). M, my oldest daughter, is 7. She now shares a room (more on that later) with her younger sister, C, who is 4. And last, but far from least, is little L, and he's 2.

You'll be hearing a lot more about them in the upcoming weeks, but for now, I want to share a little inspire that I created with my ladies in mind. 

M and C are 2.5 years apart, but C is the same size as M and expects herself to dance, read, draw, and exist just as a 7-year old would. 

Comparison is tough on us. I find that I'm as guilty of it as anyone, and to see comparison struggles frustrate the wonder of a 4-year old, well, it breaks your heart open.

I'm inspired by powerful words from great people. Thanks to gifts like Pinterest I can collect words and images combined beautifully through graphic design.

Fifth & Hazel has some gorgeous work -- free and downloadable -- that I totally appreciate and admire, like this one. If you have not visited her blog, read this entire post (pretty, please) and then go over and check out all her stunning designs at Fifth & Hazel.

Inspired by her gifting, I created this print from the words of St. Therese of Lisieux for my little girls. M and C aren't quite old enough to fully understand the strength of the message, but they understand the preciousness of a violet and the presence of a rose. And I'm hoping they grow to understand the amazing, unique personalities they both are.

Pass this along to anyone you know who might want a little inspire today!

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