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A letter to M on her 9th birthday

My oldest turns nine today, and I'm kinda emo. I'm dedicating today's post to her. She's an avid supporter of Pars Caeli so I hope she likes it! Forgive the gush.

Dear M,

Happy birthday to you, sweets, and congratulations on nine amazing years of life!

I write this to you from the cozy couches in the art room, looking over at our Christmas tree that every year transforms into your birthday tree. We used to decorate your birthday tree with princess lights and pink and purple gingham ribbon, and now the handmade paper snowflakes and sparkling tinsel feel more like your beautiful girl self. I love looking through all the photos of you that we add to the tree, even the one from the first "trip" you and I took in the wheelchair out of the hospital.

One day you might experience that feeling I had when I carried you to our new home together - just a few pounds old, all wrapped up tight in your yellow blanket - wondering how I could have been chosen to receive such beauty. Moments like that are sheer gifts of grace. I did nothing to deserve, but God richly blessed.

And I've been so blessed every moment since that day, with the keen, imaginative, and kind gift of your love. You are rare find, sweet girl; the combination of compassion with curiosity, sincerity with humor, and talent with generosity.

I see new sparks of you growing each day as you learn the world and take only what feels right to you. You are strong, more than you know, and you have such a mind - that challenges and pushes, and imagines and creates. You gobble up new knowledge and reinvent for all of us to enjoy.

But it is your heart that's won me over, the exuberance in your eyes, the softness of your smile.

Stay tender as the lessons get harder and you want to get angry with yourself. You are perfectly made, I saw it from the first time I met you.

Enjoy nine - you're going to add more to this year than I could ever imagine!!

I'm so blessed to be your mom.

I love you. Always, Mom


xoxo, MJ