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Talking on Tuesdays

Hellloo there. Yesterday I mentioned a few things I learned while on my blogiatus (blog + hiatus). I really missed hearing from you lovely people, missed hearing your ideas and wahoos and helpful links.

So, I'm dedicating every Tuesday to chatting. You know, like if we actually lived near each other (and could coordinate childcare/work schedules) and we could sit down over a decaf mocha (or I could at least) and shoot the breeze the way we once could when one afternoon class was as demanding as it got.

Sometimes we'll dive deep into something heavy, deep, and real but mostly we'll just chat like old girlfriends over our screens and share ideas and questions... and well, life. The whole point is to add your voice so I'm really hoping you'll return Tuesday after Tuesday and click that comment link. I promise to have something to say in return! Let's keep it fair and playful, k?

So I made time over the weekend to sit with the last three months of Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens. Typically when these periodicals show up in my mailbox, I get excited and look forward to plopping down after kids are settled with some beautiful photography and lovely styling. However, more and more, or less and less do I find myself making time to do this.

I wonder why?

One reason is definitely the fulfilling blog reading I'm up to lately. When you read and follow Nicole or Em than the need for monthly magazine inspiration is not so acute. Bloggers have stepped it up and offer amazing projects and parenting ideas that I can see new every day, and it's always at my fingertips since my laptop and I seem to be surgically attached.

Also I wonder if I'm becoming more trained to digest information when it's presented digitally. When I can click on a link and feel more powerful because I've just gone "deeper" into the matter. Do I feel more educated because I read it on the most recent, innovative gadgets I own?

And yet, just like archived objects of my past, I found myself fishing out stacks of Real Simples and Wondertime (remember that one?) and Cookie and Family Fun magazines from underneath my bed. When I hit a bookstore, I peruse the stacks of design mags... and long to let the pages of Kinfolk and Uppercase flip open in front of me. I love paper and its texture. I notice the gloss and grain of each magazine and enjoy the ads as much as the articles. But in some ways these colorful, artful pages feel like mementos to be treasured, something a bit from the past.

Where do you fall on the matter? Do you still love the feel of sitting down with a great magazine and a cup of coffee? Or would you prefer to see it all on your Ipad or Kindle?

Join the chat! XOXO, MJ

PS. I "interviewed" my 8-year old on this topic. She loves getting her Highlights magazine in the mail, but is thrilled to download the latest apps, too. Her final decision? She'd prefer digital so that she doesn't have to worry about (me nagging her to) putting the magazines away. Yeah. That too.