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Hi friends,

In case you just tuned in, I've been nursing my little hero, L, back to good health as he works his way through pneumonia. He is on the mend, and I've been crafting where I can here and there. I'm 99 and 3 quarters percent done with my latest projects involving some of my favorite patterns, and I'm excited to show you.

In the meantime I want to tell you that I have some fun plans for the evening! I get to meet up with some local bloggers tonight (yes, I'm wearing a top knot), and I'm super excited to meet up in person. I'll chat with lots of you over at the free class that Alt is offering and then off to chat with more blogger buds. Connecting with creatives from all over is really such a great side effect of blogging. I'm delighted.

So craftiness will be on its way to you later.. maybe even to greet you in the morn!

Happy day. xoxo, MJ