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Surprise Memory for the School Year's End

Today I'm doing one of my favorite end-of-the-school-year gestures. It's a present I'll give to my children in ten to twelve years. Pat on the back for early prep on this, right?

As a teacher, I found the last week of school such a roller coaster of highs and lows - wanting to keep the children I'd grown to cherish, wishing them success with new role models and guides, ready to bust open the doors to summer relaxation.

Looking to find some way to capture the emotion of the final days of school, I searched the interwebs to express the bittersweet experience for my children.

What I found (and loved!) was this sweet idea from MaryLea. Do you all know her? If not, take a peek at the hundreds of art projects she has going over at Pink and Green Mama.

I asked my children's teachers (and their aides) to write notes on the interior pages of a loved book. From here to there from there to here, I'm a big-big Dr. Seuss fan so I purchased three copies of "Oh, the Places You'll Go." I was happily delighted with the amount of time each teacher spent, thinking about what my daughters and son will be like as high school seniors. Each educator highlighted particular gifts that my children had shared and wished them a generous journey ahead.

These words will mean so much in years to come as the distance from preschool snack time and recess grows.

So, go buy a great book for the child in your life. Send it and a very thankful note in a sealed, discrete envelope (or drop it off at the school office) a week or two before the school year ends. Volunteer to come back to receive the signed book the second-to-last day of school. And then tuck the book away in a special place until next year when the message gets added.

*The key here: not forgetting that special place from year to year.

Sending you and yours warm wishes for the endings ahead.

xoxo, MJ