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The August Break

Hi friends!

We are just back from a lovely family excursion to Chicago. Trains, subways, boats, cars, and a whole lot of walking have brought us back home. I am pooped from an exciting three days. I was so proud of myself for having Monday and Tuesday posts ready to go while I was away, and now I return home to a whole lot of laundry and dishes so I'm going to do something I rarely do.

Give myself a break.

The August Break.

Have you heard about this one? I heard about it from Melanie, and then I followed over to Susannah Conway's blog. Feel welcome to check and see what it's all about and copy yourself a badge because Katrina made some nice options!

                                                           August Break 2012


We spent 3 hours (without drinks or snacks) soaking up the entire Art Institute of Chicago. This is one of my favorite photos. That's a smile you see appearing on the right cheek of my daughter, C. The kiddos loved experiencing the size and detail of the artwork.

My heart smiles so big from getting to be their Momma for this one. More of Mommy and Daddy School coming soon...for now...full hearts. XOXO, MJ

A tri- to try in Photography


Terrific! It's Friday. What's going on this weekend? Don't let Friday the 13th get you down. Throw a superstition party and let everyone reveal their most believable superstitions (of course select your favorite Friday the 13th to watch as well). Celebrate with crepes on Saturday in honor of Bastille Day, and don't forget to head to explore some art and to pay homage to Rembrandt on his birthday (we'll be doing it!).


Here's a trifecta of awesomeness all wrapped around photography for you to try this weekend. My new camera is going to get broken over the next few days in prep for the Alt Channel class I'm taking on Tuesday with Justin Hackworth. Join me, and we'll both become pros at our DSLRs (I really do want to see all the great shots you capture of your kids! I promise).


(Not necessarily captured here.) I've got a need for some higher quality headshots/self-portraits. I am so horrible at finding a shot that I like, and I kind of find the whole process a drag. I found three simple reminders from a fellow blogger heading out to a blogging conference (where lots of photos are taken) that I want to pass on.



Have you tried this?


Angle yourself towards the camera, drop your shoulders, and lean into the camera, putting your weight slightly on your front foot.

I'm going to try it. I'll let you know how it goes. :)



Dave Cooper, talented hubs of Jen Cooper, over at Classic Play has some awesome suggestions on how to take better family photos.  

My fave is #2:

2. Let it happen naturally and capture it. Your family is a living thing that moves. You need to move as well. Capture real moments. These are so much more rewarding to look at a month from now, a year from now, 10 years from now. Have you ever heard someone say “Remember that time we all stood up from the picnic table and stood in a line and you took that picture? That was fun. We should do that again.”?

There's more goodness over at Classic Play. Go and write down all that he has to say!




I'm discovering, with my new large camera, that a strap is essential. And though I don't mind loudly publicizing Canon, I'd like to go for something more special. Bri Emery over at DesignLoveFest posted a wonderful tut on crafting your own camera strap. Have you seen it? Go check it out.


Race you to Michael's for all the supplies!!

Do you have any great photography tips you can send my way? How do you make great art and look good doing it?

Thanks for a great week! Don't forget to enter our giveaway held in conjunction with the Playful Learning. Tell your friends, too. Winners chosen on Monday!

Until soon, XOXO, MJ