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Simple Tuesday.

Did you know that New York Fashion Week is happening as we speak? I would know nothing about this grand happening if it weren't for my dedication to the reality show, Project Runway. Since I began blogging a few months ago, I've found new fashion blogs and bloggers that know how to put together amazing styles. Many of those bloggers are in the prime seats this week in NYC.

I'm following Erin from Apartment 34 on Instagram (you should see the shots she's getting), and I have the inside track on great shows thanks to my buddy, Paige, who is making dreams come true with her own tour of fashion week. Thanks to one of Paige's sponsors, the Moxy Ox, the rest of us can have a free lookbook of Paige's photographs from the shows. Check out that happy link to see how to get yours.

I've been thinking a lot about Paige's journey from Northwest Arkansas to the Big Apple... and thinking about my own dreams for this blog and my career and my family.

Sometimes those big hurdles in front of us can be knocked over by own gust of wind.

Sometimes the giant dream you thought would never come to fruition comes packaged as your own determination.

Sometimes you don't even realize how tall you are until you're in over your head.

Feeling like this today. Thanks T.S. for the great articulation.


Funday Fashion Monday: Back to School Night

Happy Monday, friends! How are you? Did you have a good weekend? We enjoyed our last hurrah of summer with anniversary celebrations, the annual joy of Sisters Day (where we indulge in all things girly and fun for the sisters to enjoy), and some necessary back-to-school prep.

All of my kiddos head back to school on Wednesday. You're going to have to bear with me this week because I might just be a lump of mommy mess. My oldest, M, begins second grade (Ok, I can handle that). My middle, C, starts her first year as a full-day student in Kindergarten (sniffle, sniffle), and my little guy, L, begins two half-days at a local preschool (full out sob).

It's all good, and I know they're all ready, but, ugh, sometimes the passage of time and the leave of babyhood just wrenches my heart.

Nevertheless, I will put on my proud Momma face because I am so proud and grateful for all that has been. It reminds me of a quote that I designed for the rehearsal dinner of our wedding.

Feel welcome to pin it and plaster it on a wall. I love it.

We have back-to-school night this week where everyone finds out who's in their class and who their teacher will be. All very exciting stuff. I've got my mind on Fall textures and lengths, and I'm delighted with so many of the Fall trends I'm seeing.

Here's what I'm rustling up for back to school. It's bright enough to signal Summer but with enough texture to say I love you to Fall.

That blousey blouse: I love the new feminine silhouettes and the ease these offer is wonderful for busy ladies on the go!

The skinny jeans: Hello, curvy skinny jeans. You go with...everything!

Those wooden circle earrings: I am so attracted to wood and other natural elements when it comes to accessories. These round maple disks are so beautiful in tone and lightweight, too.

That purple purse: A good cross-body purse in a vibrant tone.

This yellow belt: Pop, pop, pop goes the color. And if you're feeling less daring you can always let your shirt cover up a bit of the bright.

Those cowboy boots: Maybe it's because I've become pals with some great Arkansas ladies who are in the market for some fab boots or maybe it's because there are so many great pairs out there on the shelves. These are right in my budget.

Is anyone in your life heading back to academia? Are you ready for the promise of autumn or would you like a few more weeks of summer sunshine?