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Pars Caeli Reader Survey + $50 Giveaway

I promised myself before the year got away from me that I would get in your heads. In the best way. With a giveaway and a simple 11 question survey.

Because I wanna know who you are and why you return, and I want to thank you for every like, +1, retweet, email, and comment that you've sent along!

Sorry, for the survey, it's desktop-friendly only. No mobile use for this one.

You rock! Now let's give you a prize!

You're on your honor here. Did you complete all of the survey? Then let's get to the giving away. This contest ends on Sunday, EST at midnight.

Thank you bunches!!

xoxo, MJ

Over at Bloglovin

Excited to be an official blog over at bloglovin! I had to get a handle on all the blogs that I check into daily, and I'm delighted that someone has found an easy way to organize and prioritize them in a way I find very friendly.

How do you read your favorite blogs? Do you use a reader of some kind or bookmark them? Some other cool way to keep track?

Blogging buds, are you over at Bloglovin?