Monday Feature: Pattern Play

If you take a peek into my color-coded closet (yes, I am a freak), you'll see a nice range of hues and saturations, with a strong preference for blues and pinks (you'll note the affection for those colors all over the place around here!). But one element that is sadly under-represented... pattern.

I love patterns, and they scare me - just like some of my favorite teachers.

And, step back, pattern-on-pattern as seen in so many cute trends like Liz featured over here, knock me OVER.

But here at Pars Caeli, we're brave and open to some of our greatest teachers, the possibilities ahead. And so I'm taking on a challenge. Want to try it with me?

Stop back here every Monday, at least until I get the hang of this (and you do, too), to see what patterns are finding their way into the wardrobe. I know that I could use a little something extra every Monday morning. Check out today's pattern on the left, a great little Spring skirt from the Gap that I love to pair with a fresh green.

I'd love to see what patterns you're sporting. Please share! Stripes, florals, polka dots - oh my!

MJ KocovskiMonday, pattern