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Pattern Play: Geometric

Happy Monday! It feels great to be back to the ease of Pattern Play Monday. Thanks readers for sticking with me through last week's challenges. This week is going to be lovely and full.

Today I'm wearing my favorite wrap dress with this mint candy-striped geometric. It's fresh and just what I need to kick start the goodness coming our way this week. I've been seeing so many cute geo patterns lately. Can I share some of these lovelies with you?

Geometrics make rad accessories. And this mixed media piece from Shopbop could bring a whole new level of sophistication to the simplest tank.

That fun wooden necklace is from a great DIY from Laurie over at agirlwhomakes. Check her out. I'm thinking my wardrobe could use a little some bright baubles.

The clutch is from Target (I continue my love for Target), and comes in a few different tones to add some new angles and hues to your outfits.

Have you incorporated some new geometrics into your wardrobe? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for stopping over! It's always lovely to have here.


Pattern Play: Large Scale

Welcome back, friends! It's a celebration over here at Pars Caeli this week. Little ole me (kinda little old me, too) has a birthday tomorrow, and another year of life is totally a gift. Looking forward to telling you some ways that I love to spend remembering the day I was born!

In the meantime, I'm starting off Monday with my fav-o-rite shirt. This odd, large-scale print adorns a beautiful ruffle tank that makes me grin (I mean who thought a toucan on a shirt could look that good?). As someone without a lot of pattern in the closet, this purchase was a big, bold move last Spring from Banana Republic. I'm delighted to see that some other great large-scales have made it into the early Summer collections.

The dress on the left is from Lands End. And I have to tell you, in prep for this post, I pinned this dress, and it received nearly 60 repins in 60 minutes. I find the large leaves against the white so fresh! And the cute top on the left is made by J Crew. Who needs fresh flowers when you wear something so gorgeous?

Hope you're daring to wear something large scale today (maybe a great big necklace or shoes that really make a statement?).

Thanks for stopping over. It was really lovely to have you.


Pattern Play: Reserved Stripe

What's up, Monday? It's going to be a good week, friends. My happy, striped ruffle shirt told me so. And I listen when my clothes make the effort to talk to me.

It was a chilly weekend here, but we made the most of it with a few local shows and some little people soccer games and birthday parties. How about you?

Today is a reserved striped kind of day - not too cold, not too warm, not too frenzied, with just a bit of classic pizzazz.

Here are some other reserved stripes that have caught my eye. On the left from Piperlime and on sale (oh, yeah) and on the right from Gap and super comfy.

What are you daring to wear today, friends? Hope it's a great week for you.

See you back here soon!


PS. Don't forget to leave a happy comment if you'd like a set of chalk notes (from Friday's DIY). I'll be selecting my winner and posting it tomorrow!

Monday Feature: Pattern Play

If you take a peek into my color-coded closet (yes, I am a freak), you'll see a nice range of hues and saturations, with a strong preference for blues and pinks (you'll note the affection for those colors all over the place around here!). But one element that is sadly under-represented... pattern.

I love patterns, and they scare me - just like some of my favorite teachers.

And, step back, pattern-on-pattern as seen in so many cute trends like Liz featured over here, knock me OVER.

But here at Pars Caeli, we're brave and open to some of our greatest teachers, the possibilities ahead. And so I'm taking on a challenge. Want to try it with me?

Stop back here every Monday, at least until I get the hang of this (and you do, too), to see what patterns are finding their way into the wardrobe. I know that I could use a little something extra every Monday morning. Check out today's pattern on the left, a great little Spring skirt from the Gap that I love to pair with a fresh green.

I'd love to see what patterns you're sporting. Please share! Stripes, florals, polka dots - oh my!

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