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Pattern Play: Large Scale

Welcome back, friends! It's a celebration over here at Pars Caeli this week. Little ole me (kinda little old me, too) has a birthday tomorrow, and another year of life is totally a gift. Looking forward to telling you some ways that I love to spend remembering the day I was born!

In the meantime, I'm starting off Monday with my fav-o-rite shirt. This odd, large-scale print adorns a beautiful ruffle tank that makes me grin (I mean who thought a toucan on a shirt could look that good?). As someone without a lot of pattern in the closet, this purchase was a big, bold move last Spring from Banana Republic. I'm delighted to see that some other great large-scales have made it into the early Summer collections.

The dress on the left is from Lands End. And I have to tell you, in prep for this post, I pinned this dress, and it received nearly 60 repins in 60 minutes. I find the large leaves against the white so fresh! And the cute top on the left is made by J Crew. Who needs fresh flowers when you wear something so gorgeous?

Hope you're daring to wear something large scale today (maybe a great big necklace or shoes that really make a statement?).

Thanks for stopping over. It was really lovely to have you.