I know what the tooth fairy brought me

C, age "almost-five", has her first wiggly tooth. My babies all teethed early, like at three months, and now these markers of childhood are wobbling their way out to make room for big, better, stronger, grown-up chompers. 

I was ready for this to happen two years from now. 

But I guess that's not really how life happens - when you're ready for it.

M sat in the backseat with her little sis this week, and softly asked, "Are you a little scared and a little excited about your tooth?" As I watched in the rear view mirror, I saw C hesitantly nod a smiling affirmation to her sister (now a boasting owner of 8 adult teeth). 

New adventures bring out these same emotions in me. I'm a little scared and a little excited for all that is to come, and I am a whole lot grateful for your presence in the journey.

Many deep and shallow thoughts (did you see the big banner and Instagram additions?!) going on around the blog this week, and I've loved hearing from so many of you in comments and tweets.

Thanks for your inspires.

Fun is in store next week with a little DIY and a giveaway (sneaky peaky below:)

 Thanks for coming over! Let's chat again soon.