Pattern Play: Small Print Florals

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy a little breathing room and time away from the day-to-day?

I totally did. I was a pinning fiend and discovered and uncovered inspiration and ideas from some magical pinners. I'm so excited to share with you some great projects, gifts, and parties in the weeks and months ahead. Come back over for some fun, pretty please?

On Saturday morning, the whole fam took a trip to our local farmer's market. I adore farmer's markets and all the unique and fresh treasures they hold. True to form, one of my favorite little businesses was selling spring scarves for $7 (what a steal!), and, yes, I came home with a present.
Today's pattern is this cute purple, small-scale print scarf that's brand new to me. I have no delayed gratification skills whatsoever so I had to put it right to use.

I also found these great small print florals while shopping around with my laptop that make me want to run skipping into warm weather (I did find myself skipping through the grocery store parking lot this weekend, so I might as well look dressed for the part, right?).

These are total steals as well (left from Mod Cloth and right from Old Navy).

What pattern are you loving these days? Has it made it's way into your wardrobe yet?

Thanks for coming with you soon!