Notebooks done well by Etsy

My $1 dream journal is serving its purpose for now, but look at these fabulous pages I found in the aisles of Etsy.  For just a few dollars more, in most cases, you might just find something that fits your style just so.

And with Mother's Day coming quickly, one of these might the perfect spot for your momma's reading lists and to do's.

1. Wit and Whistle, $5.75
2. The Wallpaper Files, $9.00
3. Dandelion Tree, $12.50
4. Chikabird, $24.00
5. Elizabeth Rosemond, $12.00
6. Katie Blair Designs, $11.00 **this one got a lot of repins as soon as I pinned it!
7. Happy Dappy Bits, $5.75 **my personal fave, and I love the name of the store, too.
8. Jadi Hancock, $8.00

Which one's your fave? I might just be able to find a reason to fill all these journal, wine list, great recipes, children's firsts...

If you're looking for a hip line of journals and accessories, check out Paige's post on Smash products.

Thanks for stopping by!


PS. I don't know any of these Etsy dealers and I wasn't paid to endorse any products, I just like prettiness.