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My Little Addiction jewelry

Image captured by Ellen of Minnow + Co

In case you're wondering, let me reassure you that there are wonderful people in the world.

Generous, kind-hearted, supportive, go-way-out-of-their-way for you kinds of people. And I want to share one with you today.

Melanie does a great many things, among them she is a full-time caregiver for her mother and a pretty amazing jewelry designer and creator. She owns My Little Addiction Etsy shop, where she sells "beautifully simple, timeless jewelry."


When I was invited to become an Alt Rep, I scrambled to get together my wardrobe and accessories. I wanted to wear pieces that would speak to who I am and feature unique craftsmanship. And I thought of Melanie and her great work! I am all about beautifully simple and timeless pieces.

In fact, as a sign of our comraderie, the four of us Alt Reps wore a triad of Melanie's faceted rings on our knuckles as a simple sign that we were in this together...and in this to shine.


She was over the top generous to me and sent along an initial necklace and arrow necklace as well as two beautiful pairs of silver earrings. These pieces are all so beautifully made and have the sort of heft and sparkle that lets you know that she spent careful time and thought to make each piece unique and perfect. 


As I sign of my appreciation to be the recipient of her art, I've added a My Little Addiction button to the sidebar! If you're looking for quality and class, check out her jewelry. And tell her MJ sent you!!

Have a bright weekend, friends. And a lovely Valentine's Day!

xoxo, MJ




Bring on fall with these Etsy finds

Happy week, friends! Thanks for your understanding with last Thursday's post. I was determined NOT to get another sinus infection and spent a whole lot of time sleeping. Good news - I think I avoided this one!!

Despite the warm temperatures around here, I am still dreaming of fall and the tasty treats that announce the season. My shopping has made a turn to the fall as well, and I want to share some Etsy treasures I've found. It's been so long since I've shown off a curated post (it felt good to indulge in some handmade beauties).

Looking for a giftie for someone special during the season, check out these:


1. A personalized birch vase from Bragging Bags is a sweet way to say I like like you, the old fashioned way.

2. We buy many, many little pumpkins and gourds to set around the house. These three little knit pumpkins from Luna Cab Co will never spoil and find a way to fit into any location.

3. Nothing says fall like color! Hang these fun tissue paper garlands all over. Nice work, Pipsqueak and Bean.

4. Faunay Flora Shop makes these great gold feather bracelets to accent any (and every) fall outfit.

5. Oh the scarves of autumn!! I adore the combination of leather and knit in this one from Three Bird Nest.

6. Jump into a pile of these leaf pillows. Outdoor indoor goodness from Snow Little Shop.

I'll be talking fall all this week - bear with me summer lovers.

Do you change anything in your home or wardrobe to reflect your love of autumn?

xoxo, MJ



Spotlight on Bloggers with Shops

On my life list, along with writing a book and seeing Madonna in concert (not of equivalent ranking, mind you), is to open my own shop. As a little girl, I'd set up elaborate markets and tiny boutiques for my stuffed animals to come through and purchase with their wicker baskets in paw.

So I turn to some go-get-em ladies from the blogosphere as my heroines of on-line shops. These chicas canturn a fabulous post, curate a vintage thrift, and paint an oil like none other. I want them all to succeed beyond their wildest dreams in their neck of virtual so if you're in the market for something unique, take a look-see.


Pretty please do yourself this first favor, follow along with the Painting A Day project going on at my bud, Emily Jefford's blog. Emily is an artist focused on putting her brushes to use to make some dreams come true for her adorable family. And if you are one of those (me! me!) peeps that always stops to watch artists as they create, follow Emily at BeautifulHelloBlog on Instagram where she's been posting videos of paintings in progress.

I look forward to these amazing landscapes each day. She's posting at noon EST, and these are selling fast at $100 so be sure to set your alarm to buy right after she posts.

In addition to these beautiful canvases, Em makes great collage works and gorgeous jewelry...pick up a few of those while you're sniffing around.


Nicki from Life I Design and I met at AltNYC in June, and she convinced me to join in the 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge. Each day for the last thirty days, Nicki has published some amazing black and white sketches in the vein of what you see above. She also added in a few splashes of color (you should go see her tomatoes).

Nicki is retiring some prints from the collection and new work is headed into the shop for the fall so get ready to purchase something charmed for the new teacher or neighbor in your life.


My girl, Julia from Life on Churchill Street has a background in product design and has some great taste for styling, too. She's a crafter and picks up the quintessential objects. In her shop you'll find a smorgaboard of one-of-a-kind children's books, mid-century fancies, and other items you find yourself thinking you "need."

Julia has an adorable family, and they abide in a fresh and vintage space. She was featured over on Design Mom in the Living with Kids series. Go check that out, too.


Lidy somehow manages new motherhood while juggling her blog and crafting up a storm and supporting her store. This lady has a multitude of DIYs to roll up your sleeves and dig into. She also features some vibrant prints in her Etsy shop. I remember when Lidy first opened the shop and hearing all of her excitement about the launch. Pop over to Hello Lidy to see all her fun wares.


Stop over to Mer Mag if you want a clean, creative space that will make you happy to exist. Merrilee is on my list of people I'd like to meet. Her projects are made from everyday objects, and they make me feel like I'm seeing a magician at work behind the scenes.

She's an amazing illustrator, and I find her prints direct and brilliant. Get out your wish list of wall art and click over (don't forget to put yourself on that list).

I tell you what, friends, few things make me happier than seeing good people with great talent succeed -- so let's support the creatives! If you are a blogger and shop owner, please leave your site address below (even if I already know you, I might not know your shop). I'd love to ease on over and possibly feature you over here on Pars Caeli.

Let's have a bright weekend. And give it up for an amazing August.

xoxo, MJ

PS. Keep those #celebratethenormal photos coming!!

quality vintage goods, mid century pieces and children's books. - See more at:

Itty Bitty Lovelies in Illustration


Monday greetings, friends! Are you tired out from the Oscars last night? (raising hand here) I attempted to work and blog while watching. Nope, failed there. Nevertheless, I was delighted by the glamour on the red carpet (yes, Jessica Chastain) and disappointed by the hosting and wowed by the musical presentations.

I told the kiddos that the red carpet is the Super Bowl of Fashion, and my daughters got into the festivities dressing up in my college formal dresses and interviewing each other with their imaginary microphones. Really cute.

So, here we go last week of February. A something different for you today. I have a soft spot for illustrations and hand lettering. Today's Itty Bitty Lovelies are just some fun eye candy to bring you a smile to begin your week. Check the P.S. at the bottom for a super helpful and informative illustration from my girl, Paige.

MJ's Itty Bitty Lovely for the week: spend at least two minutes just looking at someone you love. This week don't talk, don't let them realize you're doing it, and gaze at your loved one. I spent some time this weekend just staring at my children, trying to memorize each wrinkle and hair - appreciating the fabulous souls they are right this moment. You don't need kids to do this - pick a coworker, BFF, spouse. 2013 needs more grateful contemplation. Let's contribute our part.

You are the Cheese! Art Print

       From Poppy & Red on Society6

Retro Geekery poster, quote print, pop art, nursery art, inspirational quote, motivational wall art - Viewmaster, expand your view A3

From RestyleShop on Etsy

8x10-in Will Rogers Quote Illustration Print

From Unraveled Design on Etsy

xoxo, MJ

P.S. If you're thinking you'd love to find your way into a magazine article/feature? Check out Paige's info illustrative.

Funday Fashion Monday: To the zoo

Hello, hello friends! Welcome to a wonderful week. So glad to have you here! How was the weekend for you? Did you get hit by a terrible thunderstorm like we did? Crazy hail and lightening, too. Thankfully all of our trees and home stayed fully in tact.

We hung around town and escorted our little ones to birthday parties, the zoo, and back-to-school shopping. Today's outfit is inspired by this weekend's happenings. It's easy, slouchy, and relaxed to take you through whatever casually comes your way, even a surprise afternoon nap.

The fab earrings: I love the natural, sculptural edge these earrings add. Bonus - they're from a great little Etsy shop, too!

Those shoes: A fun flat to take you through the zebras, emus, and kangaroos!

That fun skirt: Love the stripe and the bold contrast, and the kint and easy waist scream comfy.

This easy, everyday tank: It comes in every color under the sun, and I love green with a great black and white.

The everywhere backpack: I know it's because I'm in back-to-school mode, but a great grown-up backpack is a welcome solution to the carry-everything-for-me mom.

Are you in the mode for Fall shopping yet? I find myself scouring the new arrival pages for all my favorite stores.

Let's have a good week, friends. We deserve it, no?



Father's Day Finds: Letterpress

Father's Day is coming our way soon, and I've been seeing a lot of crafty goodness in my feed over at Blog Lovin' (shameless plug, you can follow me over there, too).

I'm taking a different bent and showing you some of the great art pieces I've found on the one and only Etsy, featuring my favorite medium - letterpress. I was able to create with a letterpress for two of my classes in college, and I became a quick addict. The quality of ink on paper, the dimension to the letter forms, the richness of material all come together for the unmatched beauty of letterpress.

Here are five great finds, that are affordable, too, for the dad or husband in your home.

For the quirky foodie or chef dad:

 this from here
For the risk-taker dad:
this from here
For the dad that's full of philosophy:
this from here
For the old school, outdoorsy dad:
this from here.
For the artsy, retro dad:
this from here.

Etsy has great finds for dads, moms, and everyone else on your lists. Happy shopping. And give some letterpress printers a little extra love this Father's Day.

Thanks for coming over!



Notebooks done well by Etsy

My $1 dream journal is serving its purpose for now, but look at these fabulous pages I found in the aisles of Etsy.  For just a few dollars more, in most cases, you might just find something that fits your style just so.

And with Mother's Day coming quickly, one of these might the perfect spot for your momma's reading lists and to do's.

1. Wit and Whistle, $5.75
2. The Wallpaper Files, $9.00
3. Dandelion Tree, $12.50
4. Chikabird, $24.00
5. Elizabeth Rosemond, $12.00
6. Katie Blair Designs, $11.00 **this one got a lot of repins as soon as I pinned it!
7. Happy Dappy Bits, $5.75 **my personal fave, and I love the name of the store, too.
8. Jadi Hancock, $8.00

Which one's your fave? I might just be able to find a reason to fill all these journal, wine list, great recipes, children's firsts...

If you're looking for a hip line of journals and accessories, check out Paige's post on Smash products.

Thanks for stopping by!


PS. I don't know any of these Etsy dealers and I wasn't paid to endorse any products, I just like prettiness.