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Itty Bitty Lovelies in Illustration


Monday greetings, friends! Are you tired out from the Oscars last night? (raising hand here) I attempted to work and blog while watching. Nope, failed there. Nevertheless, I was delighted by the glamour on the red carpet (yes, Jessica Chastain) and disappointed by the hosting and wowed by the musical presentations.

I told the kiddos that the red carpet is the Super Bowl of Fashion, and my daughters got into the festivities dressing up in my college formal dresses and interviewing each other with their imaginary microphones. Really cute.

So, here we go last week of February. A something different for you today. I have a soft spot for illustrations and hand lettering. Today's Itty Bitty Lovelies are just some fun eye candy to bring you a smile to begin your week. Check the P.S. at the bottom for a super helpful and informative illustration from my girl, Paige.

MJ's Itty Bitty Lovely for the week: spend at least two minutes just looking at someone you love. This week don't talk, don't let them realize you're doing it, and gaze at your loved one. I spent some time this weekend just staring at my children, trying to memorize each wrinkle and hair - appreciating the fabulous souls they are right this moment. You don't need kids to do this - pick a coworker, BFF, spouse. 2013 needs more grateful contemplation. Let's contribute our part.

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xoxo, MJ

P.S. If you're thinking you'd love to find your way into a magazine article/feature? Check out Paige's info illustrative.