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Showcasing Letterpress Art

The texture. The depth. Taking the letterforms I adore and transforming them into a treasured object.

Hello letterpress.

I fell in love as an undergraduate with a worn, creaky letterpress machine and the beauty it created. I made some extra projects that semester so I could be alone in the studio, setting my own type by hand and adding in each piece of leading.

I'm always on the hunt for wonderful works on letterpress. The works that are affordable - and very easy for me to talk myself into - are greeting cards. And, I know I'm biased, but I feel like letterpress cards are always a little snarkier or punny-ier than your average card, and that is right up my alley.

You'll find these greeting cards all over my home and office. I never put my letterpress behind glass because I want to be able to gawk at the embossing even while it hangs on the wall or sits on a desk.

I've been holding on to two designs with some wonderful blue ink to frame together. To showcase the cards, I grabbed my very old pack of Color-aid papers from art school to find a shade to use for mounting.

Erika from Foxtrot Press gave me this whimsical greeting that makes me smile every time I look at it. It's totally my personality to get really excited with someone before I even know what it is that we're celebrating! I'm easily convinced for the sake of a party.

This card I purhcased many years ago and fits my sense of humor (you know me and my lunchbox note punnies, right?). The layers of embossing won me over - the beautiful, delicate pattern with crisp, line image on top.

I let the cards breathe a bit by putting a small amount of sticky putty in the top open corner.

Do you have any letterpress art hanging around your spaces?

Wishing you all a beautiful Easter. We have some wonderful Church services ahead with family and friends as well as a child and adult Easter egg hunt in our backyard.

xoxo, MJ


Alt Summit 2014: The Business Cards

Sometimes I style things to my fancy:

Well, thank you. How did you know? Amazing cards by Melissa Esplin and Miss J. Handmade.

If you've heard one thing about Alt Summit, it might be that the attendees rock their fashion (yes, yes, yes). Or it might be that the art of the business card is in full glory at this conference (oh, diggity). Designers, artists, and creatives put on their best show in two to six inches canvases (or more - hello leggings and scarves) to make one memorable first impression!

This is what some of the madness/goodness, spread over multiple magnetic boards, looks like during the conference; can you spot the Pars Caeli round card with silver leaf?

I'm breaking it down to show off some of my favorites. You know, like the Academy Awards of business cards. That could totally be a thing, and I'd arrive dripping in (borrowed) diamonds.

First off: Cards featuring photography

Take a gander at these lovelies. Beautifully executed scenes, portraits, and products. And that print in the middle? Justin Hackworth on fine art paper.

* 1 Why All the Fuss * 2 Petit a Petit and Family * 3 Make it Productions * 4 Justin Hackworth Photography * 5 Goods by Grinn * 6 Handcraft Your Life * 7 Damask Love * 8 Bella the Blog * 9 Harlem Love Birds * 10 Crafting Connections * 11 Dean Street Society

And now in the category of positive messaging:

Throw mine in this grouping! Those of us gathered here are hoping that our cards make it to a message board, or that, at minimum, the happiness shared lingers a bit longer. Because, you are a rockstar.

* 1 Sparrow Soirees * 2 Caravan Shoppe * 3 #StayWildAlt party * 4 Nan Lawson * 5 Little Retreats * 6 Pars Caeli * 7 Meg in Progress * 8 Approaching Joy * 9 Love from Ginger

Next up: Font fantastics

Some broke out the classic choices. Others used their own handwriting or pulled out special characters. I'm smitten for Design Crush's circle stickers...and you?

* 1 Red Stamp * 2 I heart Cleveland * 3 Design Happens * 4 Pretty Polished Perfect * 5 Design Crush * 6 Commona My House * 7 Katelyn Brooke Designs * 8 It Sweet and Savory * 9 Life In Sketch * 10 Melly Sews * 11 Sarah Hearts * 12 Oh So Beautiful Paper * 13 Candy Kirby Designs * 14 Lisa Yoder * 15 Friday We're In Love

And in the smallest category, the high flying illustrations:

A great drawing gets my attention every time. Honest truth: I'd been eyeing Alma and Mike's new movable business cards since I saw them on the internet. I was not disappointed with these letterpress goodies. And, no, I'm not sharing.

* 1 Ringmaster Mom * 2 Caravan Shoppe * 3 Small for Big * 4 Alexandra Hedin * 5 And We Play * 6 Curly Birds

Patterns surprised me this year with their exuberance:

Brittany and her unforgettable patterned origami card holder? Oh yeah. And Minted associates really had the most amazing paperstock.

* 1 A Golden Afternoon * 2 Design Lotus * 3 The House that Lars Built * 4 My Life at Playtime * 5 Design Life Kids * 6 Minted * 7 Design Improvised * 8 Ivory Kate * 9 Jeanetta Gonzales * 10 Goodly * 11 A Ruffled Life * 12 Even If Nobody Reads This * 13 Anne the Adventurer * 14 Victoria Riza

The most watched: Literal works of art cards

Paintings, objects, tea boxes, and accessories...step back. These makers brought their A game all around. Miss Emily Jeffords even gave fine art reproductions of her oil paintings and signed each and every card. (Friends, go get those lovelies framed!!!)

* 1 Emily Jeffords * 2 Oleander + Palm * 3 Alex Mattox Design * 4 Annie K Blake * 5 Paper & Stitch * 6 The Paper Mama * 7 Moorea Seal * 8 Cricut * 9 Frock Files * 10 This Heart of Mine * 11 Eat Boutique * 12 Minnow + Co

And last but not least, the brave and bold:

Brit + Co laid it on with a drop-dead red. Whimsey Box and Wayfair are neck-and-neck with distinctive hues that stand out long after the initial meeting.

* 1 Furbish Studio * 2 Blogging It Forward * 3 Brit + Co * 4 Whimsey Box * 5 Legal Miss Sunshine * 6 The Road to the Good Life * 7 Made to Shirts * 8 Collectively * 9 Wayfair

If you're not done with the beauty of these cards yet, head over to Moorea's site where she breaks it out by color. Eye candy gorgeousness.

What are your faves? Who's getting the Oscar this year?

xoxo, MJ



Father's Day Finds: Letterpress

Father's Day is coming our way soon, and I've been seeing a lot of crafty goodness in my feed over at Blog Lovin' (shameless plug, you can follow me over there, too).

I'm taking a different bent and showing you some of the great art pieces I've found on the one and only Etsy, featuring my favorite medium - letterpress. I was able to create with a letterpress for two of my classes in college, and I became a quick addict. The quality of ink on paper, the dimension to the letter forms, the richness of material all come together for the unmatched beauty of letterpress.

Here are five great finds, that are affordable, too, for the dad or husband in your home.

For the quirky foodie or chef dad:

 this from here
For the risk-taker dad:
this from here
For the dad that's full of philosophy:
this from here
For the old school, outdoorsy dad:
this from here.
For the artsy, retro dad:
this from here.

Etsy has great finds for dads, moms, and everyone else on your lists. Happy shopping. And give some letterpress printers a little extra love this Father's Day.

Thanks for coming over!