Father's Day Finds: Letterpress

Father's Day is coming our way soon, and I've been seeing a lot of crafty goodness in my feed over at Blog Lovin' (shameless plug, you can follow me over there, too).

I'm taking a different bent and showing you some of the great art pieces I've found on the one and only Etsy, featuring my favorite medium - letterpress. I was able to create with a letterpress for two of my classes in college, and I became a quick addict. The quality of ink on paper, the dimension to the letter forms, the richness of material all come together for the unmatched beauty of letterpress.

Here are five great finds, that are affordable, too, for the dad or husband in your home.

For the quirky foodie or chef dad:

 this from here
For the risk-taker dad:
this from here
For the dad that's full of philosophy:
this from here
For the old school, outdoorsy dad:
this from here.
For the artsy, retro dad:
this from here.

Etsy has great finds for dads, moms, and everyone else on your lists. Happy shopping. And give some letterpress printers a little extra love this Father's Day.

Thanks for coming over!