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Sara Moore: 12 Bloggers of Christmas

I'm losing track of the days. I think I skipped a few, maybe added one. Nevertheless, welcome to the 12 Bloggers of Christmas, an annual tradition on Pars Caeli where we shine a pretty spotlight on twelve bloggers during the Christmas season. Catch up real quick on all the beauties by scrolling down. Join me every day to see if (you or) your favorites are featured!


I'm chatting with Sara Moore today. Sara has an effortless style (which I'm sure takes a ton of hard work to pull off), and she writes about parenting in an honest and supportive way. She's a fabulous designer, and if you read ahead, you'll see we'll be able to get right to her goods come 2015. So happy to have her in this space!


My all-time favorite family tradition is decorating Christmas cookies with my family. I've been doing it since I was a little girl and I look forward to it every year. We're all gathered around the table, laughing, eating the "broken" ones and really enjoying each others company. The logistics have gotten harder with introducing the little grandchildren to decorating and the traveling we have to do but we always make sure to fit it in! And one of my new favorite traditions my husband and I do with the kids is to look at Christmas lights. Our kids are still little enough to be in awe of every single light so it's a lot of fun!


I'm adding e-commerce to the website so you'll be able to shop directly from It's been a long time in the making, so I'm really excited to say 2015 is the year! I'm also contributing to a couple of other blogs in the coming year, and I'm very excited to explore new things and grow a community of wonderful people!


My blog is so new that it wasn't around last Christmas and with a brand new baby, I don't have much more planned for the blog this year. BUT I will link to  two Christmas posts that I love. Speaking of traditions, this one from Jenny Collier on Every Day Cheer would be a great one to start while your kids are young - a Christmas book advent. Every night the kids get to unwrap a Christmas book and enjoy it as a family by the tree. And this one from A Cup of Jo sums up a few of her and her readers holiday traditions.


Elisabeth of Bella is just a doll! She has a great sense of style, is as sweet as a summer peach and her Instagram feed is so dreamy. She's pregnant with her first (a boy!) and she's just been killin' it in the maternity fashion department. She always looks amazing and has such a great attitude about the pregnancy journey. Which isn't a surprise since she touts that she firmly believes in choosing happiness - you can see that clearly through everything she does!

Love Elisabeth, too!! So happy to celebrate her as well. If you want to read some interesting stories from busy mommas, be sure to check out Sara's Struggle with the Juggle series. It's one of my favorites from real life, inspiring, and talented ladies.

Just a few more left!! Hope your Christmas Eve Eve is the best it can be.

xoxo, MJ

Fan Girl Friday: Pencil Shavings Studio

"Aren't we weird human beings?" read my text message, "Us and our 'celebrity' crushes on people who are just regular humans like us."

Paige, Approaching Joy Creative

I don't think there's a definition of a fan girl floating around on Merriam Webster's pages, but if there were, I think it might include a high level of admiration for someone you have not met.

I have met Rachel Shingleton. We met in January at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City. Rachel's totally down to earth and easy to talk to, and there is potential that she didn't know I was a big fan girl, but she probably did. Upon meeting her, I told her I couldn't wait to collaborate on something. Sometimes, I kind of get really excited.

As you can see in the image below, I've been a fan for a few years. When I first saw her logo - the name, the colors, the stripe - I thought it was so brilliantly done. I still think so, except now, Rachel has taken her style and color blog to a whole new level.

She's received a lot of honors, including the Better Homes & Gardens Top 5 Decorating blogs (and look at the kicking graphic she made for her award). In her shop, she's grown and expanded to retailers like The Limited and Nordstrom's. 

Rachel says that she's never met a color she didn't like. And she does such an amazing job of making those colors work together in energetic, blissful ways.

Her home tour with Gabrielle of Design Mom is a must see. The vibrancy of each room just hums. Mixing in bold tones with fresh white all throughout the home, Rachel is a whiz with pattern and texture. She partnered with The Land of Nod to reimagine her office and playroom. It's such a spectacular finished space that beckons creativity to come on out. 

I've followed her personal story as well which she tackles head on with her blog. And I'm delighted for Rachel and her family as they welcome their long-awaited second child!

From hair-styling and fashion, to home decor, to cute gifts and great ideas, Rachel always have something fresh to offer.

Rachel, thanks for your myriad of awesome work.

I'm a fan girl.

xoxo, MJ

Spotlight on Bloggers with Shops

On my life list, along with writing a book and seeing Madonna in concert (not of equivalent ranking, mind you), is to open my own shop. As a little girl, I'd set up elaborate markets and tiny boutiques for my stuffed animals to come through and purchase with their wicker baskets in paw.

So I turn to some go-get-em ladies from the blogosphere as my heroines of on-line shops. These chicas canturn a fabulous post, curate a vintage thrift, and paint an oil like none other. I want them all to succeed beyond their wildest dreams in their neck of virtual so if you're in the market for something unique, take a look-see.


Pretty please do yourself this first favor, follow along with the Painting A Day project going on at my bud, Emily Jefford's blog. Emily is an artist focused on putting her brushes to use to make some dreams come true for her adorable family. And if you are one of those (me! me!) peeps that always stops to watch artists as they create, follow Emily at BeautifulHelloBlog on Instagram where she's been posting videos of paintings in progress.

I look forward to these amazing landscapes each day. She's posting at noon EST, and these are selling fast at $100 so be sure to set your alarm to buy right after she posts.

In addition to these beautiful canvases, Em makes great collage works and gorgeous jewelry...pick up a few of those while you're sniffing around.


Nicki from Life I Design and I met at AltNYC in June, and she convinced me to join in the 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge. Each day for the last thirty days, Nicki has published some amazing black and white sketches in the vein of what you see above. She also added in a few splashes of color (you should go see her tomatoes).

Nicki is retiring some prints from the collection and new work is headed into the shop for the fall so get ready to purchase something charmed for the new teacher or neighbor in your life.


My girl, Julia from Life on Churchill Street has a background in product design and has some great taste for styling, too. She's a crafter and picks up the quintessential objects. In her shop you'll find a smorgaboard of one-of-a-kind children's books, mid-century fancies, and other items you find yourself thinking you "need."

Julia has an adorable family, and they abide in a fresh and vintage space. She was featured over on Design Mom in the Living with Kids series. Go check that out, too.


Lidy somehow manages new motherhood while juggling her blog and crafting up a storm and supporting her store. This lady has a multitude of DIYs to roll up your sleeves and dig into. She also features some vibrant prints in her Etsy shop. I remember when Lidy first opened the shop and hearing all of her excitement about the launch. Pop over to Hello Lidy to see all her fun wares.


Stop over to Mer Mag if you want a clean, creative space that will make you happy to exist. Merrilee is on my list of people I'd like to meet. Her projects are made from everyday objects, and they make me feel like I'm seeing a magician at work behind the scenes.

She's an amazing illustrator, and I find her prints direct and brilliant. Get out your wish list of wall art and click over (don't forget to put yourself on that list).

I tell you what, friends, few things make me happier than seeing good people with great talent succeed -- so let's support the creatives! If you are a blogger and shop owner, please leave your site address below (even if I already know you, I might not know your shop). I'd love to ease on over and possibly feature you over here on Pars Caeli.

Let's have a bright weekend. And give it up for an amazing August.

xoxo, MJ

PS. Keep those #celebratethenormal photos coming!!

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