These mugs

When Louise opened up the invitation for a tea/coffee party, I couldn't pass it up. What a cute idea! And, then, I went looking at my coffee cups...What they lack in design detail and pizzazz, they far make up for in nostalgia and function.

Here are my simple mugs. I love them. My husband and I registered for these as our everyday place settings, and we received them from my boss as a wedding present. They've survived 10 years of marriage and three children, and they've heard some of the more significant conversations of my life. During the busiest times in our marriage, with 3 under 5 years old, my husband and I committed to sharing a hot cup of coffee together at the end (or sometimes the beginning, depending on an infant's sleep schedule) of the day. Exhausted, sitting close on the couch, we'd laugh, cry, and rehash the moments of the day together.

Today we share these mugs after Sunday pancakes, watching our children chase each other around the house, or at the end of day of practices and rehearsals as we review our children's school work and read the daily news. I brew the pot, put in just the right mixture of cream and sugar, and every time he acts like it's the best cup I've made him, always so appreciative. These are mugs of happiness.

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