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Grown-Up Goodness: Time Together

I met my husband when we were both seniors in college. He's a little younger than I am but wiser. He's more logical, and funnier. He's easy to be with and my forever companion.

He is an amazing husband and an incredible father.

I adore time a part from the rest of the world, just with him. I also adore time with the rest of the world MORE when he's around.


As I mentioned yesterday, we had the chance (really we made the chance, since it is us cheapskates/overachievers that had not set aside the time to do so) to enjoy a dinner out. Don't get me wrong, I love taking the whole family out for a meal, but getting to share each other's delectable entrees and have an uninterrupted adult conversation...and actually look my best friend in the eyes for an evening...well, that's just pure goodness.

No matter the duration of our dates, we always fit in a trip to a bookstore for coffee and some dreaming. We both gather our stacks of favorite magazines to peruse and pour over the pages of Coastal Living and Architectural Digest together. Our future ocean/lake home is going to have some amazing views and interior design, I tell 'ya.

Whether it's sitting together on the deck to enjoy the sunset or just holding hands as we walk around lakeshore city streets with our children, summer goodness is truly ampliflied by the warmth of my hubby.

How are you spending the summer with the one you love? Any cheap, easy ideas you want to throw our way?


Funday Fashion Monday: Dinner out

Welcome to Monday, friends! How was your weekend?

We wrapped up some swim lessons, headed out to the blueberry fields for a second harvest, buried our first family pet (RIP Violet the fish), and the hubby and I had a few hours to ourselves for a much-needed date night.

Typically we manage a monthly date night, but with the busy-ness of summer, we had let the time slip by. So, bring in the lovely neighborhood babysitter, Mommy and Daddy are headed out. We tried out a new-er local restaurant which specializes in hyper-local cuisine, and it did not disappoint.

Date nights are always such a joy, and summer date nights are my favorite. The dresses, the heels, and even the touches of floral goodness. I'm a flower-in-your-hair kind of gal, and I can't resist popping a fresh rose in my pulled back locks to add an extra touch of special to a night out together.

That dress: Call me boring, but a little red dress is still a great go-to for flirty fun. I love wrap dresses, and this one is so easy and affordable...I couldn't say no.

Those earrings: Simple, silver sparkle that stand out enough without stealing the show.

That clutch: Snake-embossed. I can't handle too much, but if you make it silver and sleek, it kind of makes any outfit complete.

The perfect red lipstick: I'm a new fan of red on the lips. I've been pretty much scared of it until this summer when I finally felt like now might be the right time to give it a whirl. I'm a fan of orange-reds right now. How about red too much?

Those shoes: When I'm wearing a bold color, I like the shoes to play a lesser role. For summer I'm drawn to tan/flesh tones, and these sandals have the height that I like.

How about you, friends? What are your key pieces for a summer dinner out with the one you love?

Wishing you a wonderful week! XOXO, MJ

DIY for Daddy's Day

We have birthday and Father's Day celebrations ahead, and we're excited! How are honoring the dads in your life? We keep things pretty simple for Mother's and Father's Day, and we're looking forward to celebrating my hubby with a drive-in movie and some grill time.

I feel so blessed to be married to a man who has embraced-with both arms wide open-all that is fatherhood. He pushes me to be a better mother because of the great parent that he is...supportive, challenging, cuddly, and fun all rolled into one. The kiddies and I decided to craft up something for the Best Daddy, something simple to offer him a high five for all that he does. My hubby is an amazing cook, and he can spin circles around me in the kitchen.

Our DIY is a Helping Hand towel for Dad. We used three supplies: three good quality kitchen towels (I chose a neutral shade to go with my kitchen), white fabric paint (color chosen to make the prints similar in tone to the towel), and a foam brush.


Simple, simple...coat your child's hand in paint. Lay it on thick. It will tickle. :) Help them spread their fingers and place their hands straight down. Hold 1-2-3, and pull straight up.

Follow the instructions on the paint for setting.  Allow 72 hours before washing, and hover over the painted surface with a hot iron to finalize.


We chose textured towels for their absorbency so I needed to go back into to fill fibers not covered by the initial print. The kids loved getting gooey, and they've all had plenty of experience making handprints, so it was a start to finish 15-minute craft. Yahoo!! The wrinkles that don't photograph so well will work themselves out after the first wash and our darling handprints will remain. I love peeking at them from across the room and seeing the preciousness of childhood waving back at me.

Happy Father's my hubby, to my awesome, fun-loving Dad, to my brother, to my father-in-law and to all you amazing, wonderful men who complete the great story of parenthood. We adore you.

Have a bright weekend, friends. Can't wait to show you what's in store for next week. Happy summer!



PS. One of my blogging goals was reaching yesterday! Gabrielle at Design Mom published my response to one of her Design Mom Asks. Design Mom was the first blog that I followed, and I've been faithful for years. So, when she opened up the chance to respond to a GREAT BIG question, I gulped down that bait. I'm embarrassed to tell you how long I spent on my answer, but then again, when you see the question, perhaps you'll agree that the topic is one we should probably all mull over. Cheers! Check it out

Thankfulness on a Friday

It's Friday. Already? Short weeks are the bestest (as C would say).
After a trying couple of days. I've had a really lovely week, and I'm feeling particularly grateful.

I wanted to share with you a little something that has been playing in my subconscious, inspiring and reminding me lately.

About a month ago, Design Mom posted a project by Hailey, a photographer from Brisbane, Australia. She's titled her work 365grateful.

As I watched her intro, I connected with her sense of sometimes being dissatisfied for no good reason.

I kept a gratitude journal a few years ago, jotting down five or more moments of thanksgiving from the day (I was always surprised by how much food entered into it). The days of taking the time for such a focus have fallen away, but her story made me long to return to such a beautiful practice.

In her story, Hailey sought out the help of a nun who encouraged her with a simple thought: write down something every day for which she was grateful.

As an artist, Hailey took it one step further and took a polaroid of every day as well. Here are her words:

Taking one photo every day for a year of something I was grateful for really re-programmed my brain. I couldn’t believe how much gratitude affected my life. Seeing and celebrating the good in my life affected not only the way I felt spiritually and physically but it improved my relationships with others, too.
I love how she notices how romantic her husband truly is and that she feels connected to nature through this experience.
So, I'm feeling a thankful. Here are my five reasons today:

1. My husband always makes sure my car has a full tank of gas (even if he has to go out at midnight to fill it up for me). I'm quite talented at pumping gasoline, but he's also quite talented at loving me.

2. Lovely people I've never met have stopped by this webhome and made lovely comments and these simple gestures have lightened a rainy day.

3. My children with all of their bumps, dramas, and messes are the biggest delight of my life. And when I've rested my fork from a well-earned dinner, and I look over at their complete faces and watch their eyes, I can understand why the poet Kahlil Gibran described children as life's longing for itself.

4. I have a new(er) sink. And it's really deep. And it can hide hold two full days of dishes without anyone knowing that they're even in there. And I'm really good at testing this capacity.

5. I get to have tomorrow. Another day to start again, to notice all the pieces of Heaven around me, another day to offer my gratitude.

And I will be thankful.

Have a bright weekend, friends.

P.S. If you're game, I'd love to hear something that's bringing gratitude your way today.

These mugs

When Louise opened up the invitation for a tea/coffee party, I couldn't pass it up. What a cute idea! And, then, I went looking at my coffee cups...What they lack in design detail and pizzazz, they far make up for in nostalgia and function.

Here are my simple mugs. I love them. My husband and I registered for these as our everyday place settings, and we received them from my boss as a wedding present. They've survived 10 years of marriage and three children, and they've heard some of the more significant conversations of my life. During the busiest times in our marriage, with 3 under 5 years old, my husband and I committed to sharing a hot cup of coffee together at the end (or sometimes the beginning, depending on an infant's sleep schedule) of the day. Exhausted, sitting close on the couch, we'd laugh, cry, and rehash the moments of the day together.

Today we share these mugs after Sunday pancakes, watching our children chase each other around the house, or at the end of day of practices and rehearsals as we review our children's school work and read the daily news. I brew the pot, put in just the right mixture of cream and sugar, and every time he acts like it's the best cup I've made him, always so appreciative. These are mugs of happiness.

MJ Kocovskicoffee, hubby, kids, mugs
Doing & Wearing: Family Birthday Party

Here's me, one year older. I had a delightful birthday. It was a full day of work and play. My kiddos showered me with birthday hugs, wishes, and construction paper (pop up!) cards. My hubby made me feel honored all day long with hourly messages and sweet surprises.

He's a great shopper, completely in tune with my style, and this year he picked out this breezy, romantic dress. And in true-to-me fashion, I had to put it on right away (here I am, crouched down next to my littles enjoying my new frock).

I've been thinking about all the cute ways I'll wear it to work, to the beach, and even to Church this summer. Here's my fictional styling board of just what else I'd like to accompany my ikat number.

Jacket via Target, Simple drops via Loft, My dress also from Loft, Wedges from Mia, Bracelet from Marc Jacobs, and topping it off with a braid-end bun found from here.

I indulged in some of my favorites bites for our family dinner out: calamari with lemon, butternut squash ravioli, and four-layer chocolate cake. So, so yummy. My kiddos held tight to the reminder, "Let's all be good to each other, it is Mommy's birthday," and we relaxed and soaked in the celebration.

My favorite part of the day had to be these little notes I found all over my house and stuff. My dear hubby made sure to put these 30-some messages in all my usual stopping points (the bathroom mirror, my nightstand, the mantle). The top shelf of the fridge made me laugh. :) A simple gesture that made me feel surrounding and reminded of the great love we share.

Thanks for stopping over! Do you have any great fashion finds for a casual family dinner out? I'd love to see your ideas!

And if you're in the mood for a 2-minute break with some fun attached, head over to Molly's site, where she and her readers are helping me decide what statement my new umbrella should make! Voting is open.