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Make It: Vinyl Letter Cards

Hiya, friends!! How are you? I'm still in a bit of a fog from an active weekend of sports, spring cleaning, and one of my very favorite places... Lake Michigan. The Lake is a fabulous source of renewal for me amidst this land-locked farmland (which I also love).

Friday night left me a few moments to craft and create, and today I'm sharing a super easy DIY with you! I picked up some vinyl letters from Michael's during a great sale - and in one of my fave fonts, Helvetica - and I thought they'd be perfect for the packages headed out to the great ladies of the For the Love of Blogging series.


I kept the text simple to accentuate the fun of thick, vinyl letters.


Super easy, full of wit. Just my style.

I can't wait to send these on their way! .

Join me back tomorrow for a very special Tuesday post, inspired by the awesome Ann and her fabulous new series.

Let's get our game faces on for a week of big, big joy.

xoxo, MJ

P.S. A little later this week, I'll be showing you what else is in the mail for these wise women!!

DIY for Daddy's Day

We have birthday and Father's Day celebrations ahead, and we're excited! How are honoring the dads in your life? We keep things pretty simple for Mother's and Father's Day, and we're looking forward to celebrating my hubby with a drive-in movie and some grill time.

I feel so blessed to be married to a man who has embraced-with both arms wide open-all that is fatherhood. He pushes me to be a better mother because of the great parent that he is...supportive, challenging, cuddly, and fun all rolled into one. The kiddies and I decided to craft up something for the Best Daddy, something simple to offer him a high five for all that he does. My hubby is an amazing cook, and he can spin circles around me in the kitchen.

Our DIY is a Helping Hand towel for Dad. We used three supplies: three good quality kitchen towels (I chose a neutral shade to go with my kitchen), white fabric paint (color chosen to make the prints similar in tone to the towel), and a foam brush.


Simple, simple...coat your child's hand in paint. Lay it on thick. It will tickle. :) Help them spread their fingers and place their hands straight down. Hold 1-2-3, and pull straight up.

Follow the instructions on the paint for setting.  Allow 72 hours before washing, and hover over the painted surface with a hot iron to finalize.


We chose textured towels for their absorbency so I needed to go back into to fill fibers not covered by the initial print. The kids loved getting gooey, and they've all had plenty of experience making handprints, so it was a start to finish 15-minute craft. Yahoo!! The wrinkles that don't photograph so well will work themselves out after the first wash and our darling handprints will remain. I love peeking at them from across the room and seeing the preciousness of childhood waving back at me.

Happy Father's my hubby, to my awesome, fun-loving Dad, to my brother, to my father-in-law and to all you amazing, wonderful men who complete the great story of parenthood. We adore you.

Have a bright weekend, friends. Can't wait to show you what's in store for next week. Happy summer!



PS. One of my blogging goals was reaching yesterday! Gabrielle at Design Mom published my response to one of her Design Mom Asks. Design Mom was the first blog that I followed, and I've been faithful for years. So, when she opened up the chance to respond to a GREAT BIG question, I gulped down that bait. I'm embarrassed to tell you how long I spent on my answer, but then again, when you see the question, perhaps you'll agree that the topic is one we should probably all mull over. Cheers! Check it out

Outdoor placemat DIY

When warm weather hits the Midwest, you'll find me eating every meal I can outside. I have no problem with the little challenges of outdoor eating (bugs, extreme heat, lawnmower noise), and I'm hoping my kiddos will catch the love for dining in the great outdoors.

We purchased a dining set for our deck many years ago, and the circular shape is a great fit for our fam of five. Finding cute, durable tablecloths for said table, not as great a fit.

So, rather than purchase another all-weather, old-timey looking tablecloth, I decided to create some durable placemats from a bright, striped oblong number I found at Walmart (for a happy $3). These summer stripes had me at orange. Seriously, just like Wilbur the pig, so radiant.

I made these in 30 minutes, and I'm ready to make another six out of the remaining fabric. Oh, and those happy potted succulents, see

how to make those here


My favorite was hearing




, "Mommy made these for us." Yes, I did. So spill away, little ones! There's more watermelon and popsicles where those drips came from.

Are you an outdoor diner, too? Any tips to share on how to enjoy a great meal in the elements?

Happy crafting.



DIY - Chalk It Up

Happy Friday, friends! I have a fun little something to share with you today. It's easy, silly, and the kind of project everyone can handle (isn't that the best!).

I kind of have a thing for chalkboards. The chalkboard wall in our kitchen is one of my favorite spots in the world (I'll have to show it to you some time).

Here's a charming way to add whimsy to your notes...and you can make as many chalk mistakes as you want. Just erase! And if you have kiddos around, let them join in the fun, too.

 See how to make it happen!

The thicker the paper weight, the better. If you're hoping for a permanent fix to your images, spray gently with aerosol hairspray. And if freehand painting stresses you out, grab some stencils for your chalkboard shapes!

Thanks for stopping over. Hope your weekend is a bright one!


PS. I made some extras that I'd love to give to you. Leave a happy comment below or follow me on Twitter (@parscaeli) if you'd like your own set of chalk notes.

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