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A collapsible playhouse with Endless Summer Projects

Summer Wednesdays are the best! Our team of bloggers is sending you great projects to do alongside yo ur children this summer. This week Amy has an amazing collapsible playhouse to share. How perfect is that? Kids can create and play, and parents can have the freedom to collapse the house when it needs to be stored away! I can imagine my children loving to decorate and get inside this creation.

Also, I love Amy's unique design and special attention to the interior space. The house looks like a little jewel box.

Save your refrigerator and moving boxes for this project! We'd love to see your creations.

If you've missed a post in the Endless Summer Series, here's what we've done so far:

Jen made a free printable banner for the last day of school! We created abstract art with tape. And Alexandra crafted a scavenger hunt that is ready to go.


School ends on Friday here, and we're excited to dig in to even more Endless Summer Projects! Have you made your summer bucket list yet?

xoxo, MJ



Summer Bucket List

One of my favorite activities to do with my kids? Dreaming. At the ages of 3, 6, and 8, they are specialists in the fantastic, over-the-top story kind of ideas. They also know how to love the simplest activities into wonderment.

This time of year, as school winds down, and the sun stays out longer, we begin making up our summer hit list - all of the fun we want to experience together while we have some time away from the usual routine. I love hearing the activities that make the list every year (bubbles, fireworks, the beach), and I feel that momma twinge that these beauties are growing too fast when I hear about the bigger wishes of seeing the ocean and renting a kayak.

I'm sharing our list again this year, as well as last year's list, in the case that they might inspire some summertime unexpected experiences for you and yours. Also, check back to this post that has oodles of other amazing summer ideas for you to soak in.


Do you have some ideas you're adding to the list? Share them with us!!

xoxo, MJ

P.S. Check out my friend, Amy Allen Clark over at and her 100 Days of Summer series. I love having all of her go-to projects ready for those days when I need something to break up the "Mommy, I'm bored" incantations.

Outdoor placemat DIY

When warm weather hits the Midwest, you'll find me eating every meal I can outside. I have no problem with the little challenges of outdoor eating (bugs, extreme heat, lawnmower noise), and I'm hoping my kiddos will catch the love for dining in the great outdoors.

We purchased a dining set for our deck many years ago, and the circular shape is a great fit for our fam of five. Finding cute, durable tablecloths for said table, not as great a fit.

So, rather than purchase another all-weather, old-timey looking tablecloth, I decided to create some durable placemats from a bright, striped oblong number I found at Walmart (for a happy $3). These summer stripes had me at orange. Seriously, just like Wilbur the pig, so radiant.

I made these in 30 minutes, and I'm ready to make another six out of the remaining fabric. Oh, and those happy potted succulents, see

how to make those here


My favorite was hearing




, "Mommy made these for us." Yes, I did. So spill away, little ones! There's more watermelon and popsicles where those drips came from.

Are you an outdoor diner, too? Any tips to share on how to enjoy a great meal in the elements?

Happy crafting.