Neon + Succulents

Yay for Tuesday! I'm off on a first grade field trip today for M, and we're headed to a local botanical garden. I am so ready to be surrounded by buds, blooms, and butterflies, as well as very energetic seven-year olds. I always get itchy to return to the classroom when I get these sorts of opportunities, but my fortunate role on this journey is just to be a proud momma. I love that.

The kiddos, hubby, and I were up to some more garden goodness this weekend. We hit nursery #2 for thyme, dill, and some wonderful fragrant honeysuckle.

I also found seventy-two (72!!) different varieties of succulents, and I've been dying to have some of these beauties in our home. Each species was more intricate and amazing than the next. I forced myself to decide upon just two, and these little hen and chicks found their way home with us.

Add to this two neon bottles of paint that I just had the urge to pick up last time I was at Michael's and here we are with some terracotta neon goodness. The kids and I had fun painting shapes of neon to our pots.

I'm still not sure how I feel about neon making a comeback. I was really into the trend in the mid 80's, and I might have worn out my lifetime allotment of hot pink in middle school.

BUT, neon combined with the natural, I find that kind of intriguing. A happy juxtaposition.

These smiling circles are made with stampers and pencil eraser tops. Terracotta just drinks up the paint so I did apply a second coat to make sure that the neon remained bright. Here you see the dampness of the soil has already added a level of saturation to the colors.

These succulents now adorn our deck, but I think I might even steal them away for a sunny spot in the kitchen.

And best part of these beauties? They are basically indestructible. Perfect.

Have you been adding any neon to your life? Or featured some everlasting succulents in a special spot? Say more, please.

Thanks for stopping over! I have another crafty project I'm super excited to share with you tomorrow. I hope you'll join me's always lovely to have you here. Thank you.