DIY Chalkboard Bowls

Happiness is a bowl of ice cream.

When we registered for our dishes (which are still in use ten years later), we selected some ample, deep cereal bowls. Lately, I've been looking for something a bit smaller and frankly more fun for our summer ice cream scoops.

And you know that I love all things chalkboard so I combined the love with the want for these simple charmers.

It's super simple to transform your favorite ceramic piece into chalkboard goodness. 

I bought three classic bowls from TJ Maxx for $1.50 each, and I ordered the chalkboard porcelain paint from Blick Art Materials for $4.99. All very reasonable.

To make, simply paint the shape that you want on the piece and let the first coat dry for one hour. You can see what one coat looks like in the photo below.

Add a second coat and let the whole thing dry for 24 hours. 

 Bake in your own oven at 300 degrees for 35 minutes. And voila! You have cute chalkboard bowls (or plates or cakestands or platters - whatever you can think up).

Here's the best part...

These bowls and the chalkboard elements are all dishwasher safe!

The kiddos are excited to write their names in the circles or their favorite flavors of ice cream or silly faces. So many fun possibilities. I promise to update this post with better-lit photos (these don't do the cuteness factor justice) when I can get these in some great natural light. I just couldn't resist sharing them with you on this Wednesday!

Thanks for stopping over! I wish you'd stay for some ice cream. I'll put your name on a bowl.

I'm pretty sure we'll be making more of these for some teacher presents coming up for the end of the year. Hope you'll give them a try, too.