A tri- to try because you're cool

 Happy Friday, friends. It's been a fun, fun week here at Pars Caeli. This photo sums it up for me. My hubby brought home roses and rootbeer to celebrate the blog week (are you following me on Instagram? Come check it out at @parscaeli). He is so supportive and, even after 15+ years of love, finds new ways to insert joy into my day. And do you see those rolls of washi tape wonderful? Yes, those are soon to be transformed into my DIY meet-up with Laid Off Mom. Check her site on Monday to see the really cute desktop lovely I created that I think you might just fancy. Lastly, I'm trying to honor my homework commitment from the photo class with Justin Hackworth that I took through the Alt Channel this week. I am loving my new camera.

We're still moving in and working through some kinks in the new site. A big shout-out to the ah-mazing team of support known as Squarespace. The 24/7 advertised assistance is really accurate, and I love that (and need it) as a hobby blogger. I vow to get Disqus up and running by next week because I just miss talking to you guys!!

This weekend will you be celebrating over the moon by honoring the anniversary of the first lunar landing on Friday? If not, be sure to toast Robin Williams on Saturday, his birthday. The kiddos and I just watched Alladin for the first time together, and he's just so good in that one. And dear, dear parents, this Sunday is Parents' Day (yes, it's an official holiday since 1994). It's a day to honor the hard work and goodness that is the everyday of parenthood. How will we celebrate it? Yes, with a date just to ourselves.

This week's Tri- to Try is a mix of fun and inspiration just for you fabulous people who keep on coming back.


Really, my favorite drink is chocolate milk, but that's not as fun when gathered around the table with friends. So, I have for you the best margarita recipe. The bit of extra time it takes to make the perfect blend is worth it. Yes, it is.

My go-to drink is a margarita on the rocks with salt. Lots of salt. And, yes, I have been known (in the nicest way) to send back my margarita for more salt.

Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo featured a delicious recipe from Kate of Cookie + Kate for the perfect recipe.

Let's toast the goodness that awaits us.


A Beautiful Mess always has something interesting popping up, and this post on brightening photos caught my eye. I use Photoshop and Illustrator every day in my professional life, but I haven't used Photoshop for this purpose too often.

It's an easy tip that really makes a big difference.


My real-life friend and blogger, Colleen (remember she did that great post on loving your neighbor) has put her mind and her life into motion to write her first (of many I'm sure) book. I am so excited for her; now is the time. She's a momma of five who homeschools, blogs, photographs, and makes me laugh and reflect through it all. She's done some great reading on the art of writing, and she has pulled 3 memorable quotes that will make you write richer content with greater purpose.

Wishing you a bright weekend, friends. We have no major plans other than some time together, and right about now that feels pretty major.