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A tri- to try

Hi friends!! We're wrapping up our time away today, and we'll be back (exhausted) and ready to celebrate Thanksgiving next week. In the by and by, here's what else you can make festive this weekend. Today it's all about buttons so grab your collection and spread them out for all to enjoy on National Button Day. Grab your coat and hat on Saturday and let's enjoy the great outdoors for National Take a Hike Day. On Sunday we'll be ringing in the final day of Games and Puzzles Week. What's your fave? I'm a huge Othello and Upwords fan.



I'm on my laptop, my phone, or the Ipad everyday...and so are my children. Strange things get stuck or deposited on the keyboard and screens. Sometimes I just want to get out the leaf blower and push all those germs out of the way. Instead let's try this. Check out this short, easy video from Momiverse on how to clean all the technology in your world (without specialty cleaners). You'll also find out what device is the dirtiest of them all.


Jessica over at How About Orange has curated a fabulous stash of DIYs we can each do to spruce up that (or those) blank walls. Check out this board, and if you're not following her on Pinterest, go ahead and do that, too. You can pin some of these to your super secret boards!


One year ago we embarked on the journey of home renovation, and it was definitely an experience as much as an end product. It began as an effort to extend the laundry/mini-mudroom we enter off of the garage. The overflow of shoes, backpacks, and laundry baskets was becoming a fire hazard and an unwelcome greeting to our every entrance.

When we reviewed the plans, my husband and I realized we were beginning a domino fall. Move the laundry? Well, that means we should finish off more of the basement. Take down that wall? Move that stud? Well, you get the idea. In order to complete all that needed to be done, we packed up the playroom (you know that space that has every small toy, party favor, and leftover artwork in it?), and the contents of the entire first floor of our house.

Wanna learn how it turned out? Follow me over to Frock Files to hear all about it. I'm guest posting for Miss Joy over there... Tag, you're it.

Let's have a bright weekend, friends. We have much for which to show our gratitude.


A tri- to try all about pumpkins

Friday, Friday!! Three cheers for Friday. Are you ready to celebrate the weekend? Let's go out and meet some new folks (or hop over to their blogs) today on New Friends Day. Tomorrow we're getting our Hallmark on and letting all those we love know how much they mean to us on Sweetest Day. Sunday is National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day, and today we're honoring my love for pumpkin with all the great ideas on a Tri- to Try!!



This is so good, my friends. So good. When Melissa of Lulu the Baker posted this recipe for Pumpkin Crumble, I knew that I would become an instant fan of such goodness. The photos alone had me.

I also loved hearing just how much her husband loves this special treat made just for him. :)


Jessica from Sunny Side Up has it all going on with this incredible recipe for Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Bread. Ripping off this sugary sweet goodness would be a fabulous way to spend the weekend, don't you think? The recipe involves all sorts of fall favorite ingredients (yum for rum), and I'm pretty sure any guest would remember this scrumptious dessert and hope to be invited back for more!


Gina from Desperately Seeking Gina invited me over to her Month of Pumpkin. She's had mouth-watering pumpkin recipes day after day. I added in these silly, simple balls of pumpkin.

You need no great crafting skills, just some orange yarn, a pipe cleaner, and some black paper to make a whole bunch of little pumpkins. Hop over and see the process. I think these would be fun filled in clear glass jars on your Halloween table or set out as placecard additions.

I'm working on a fun treat for a great friend and blogger that I'm excited to show you next week!! We'll be working on the house inside and out this weekend and hosting some family, too. What are you up to?



A tri- to try

Wonder where I live? Right here in the midst of changing corn and soybean fields. And come this time of year they produce the most amazing shade of yellow orange brown (saffron?) that amplifies sunlight from the ground up. It's heavenly.

Happy Friday to you. Are we ready to kick back this weekend?? We're beginning the 3-year old celebrations tomorrow with a visit from the grandparents. My son's birthday is next Thursday, but just like his sisters, he'll likely have at least three (small family) parties along the way. Time to bake some cakes!

In addition to the gratitude I feel for the most amazing son in the world, let us also celebrate Native American Day today. Tomorrow look for wisdom and humor around you as you ring in Confucius Day, honoring the great philosopher. Sunday marks the end of September and National Mulled Cider Day so grab a mug and snuggle up cozy next to those you love!

Here's this week's Tri- to Try. Don't forget that I'd love you to be a part of the DIY date for October, which I'm hosting, and craft something with typography!! If you'd like to post the invite on your blog, please feel welcome to steal the poster jpg that I created for the date!!



Have you ever been over to the Artful Parent site? Click on over and enter into a myriad of amazing projects for children and adults alike. I've been a fan of Jean's for a while, and I'm excited to show you some of the loveliness she's put together for fall. If you live in a part of the world that has leaves changing colors right now, go out and grab an armful and follow along!


Nerd alert here. I loved learning the periodic table. My dad is a chemical engineer, and I was fascinated with his knowledge of these boxes and their abbreviated meanings. I suppose the graphic designer in me liked the sense of geometry, order, and balance, too. Gabrielle over at Design Mom posted this nerd-rrific print of a Periodic Table for kids. Check it out over on Etsy...each column means something different for adults and children, and it's really a great teaching tool and a beautiful reminder. Perfect new baby gift for the geeks that you love. :)


Kelly over at Studio DIY is working up all sorts of Halloween and holiday decor and party ideas. I saw her step-by-step tut on how to make paper spider webs, and I knew we had to try this one at home! It's like all the fun of paper snowflakes without the chill of the impending winter. She posted the instructions over at Amy's blog This HeArt of Mine. Grab your scissors and head over!!

That's all from here, friends! Wishing you a bright weekend.


A tri- to try

Hellllooo, Friday! Fall is in the air here. With temps in the 50s this week, we broke out the cardigans, pulled up the knee socks, and took in deep long breaths of air filled with smoky leaf scents. Perfect-o.

We're welcoming some visitors this weekend for fall football fun and taking some time just to hang out and make some family memories. How about you?

A big thank you to all you good people who take a minute or six or fifteen (thanks, dear husband) minutes out of your day to stop over here to Pars Caeli and check out what's going on. I'm celebrating you today on World Gratitude Day. Maybe tomorrow you and me should head over to the zoo to spread the thankfulness to the pachyderms on Elephant Appreciation Day (really? I had no idea). Sunday will be the perfect day for a family game event and join in the fun for National Checkers Day.

Here are three great autumn activities for you or your kiddos to try this weekend:



To my dear friends in hot, warm, or just not fall climate regions, let's make these super swirly and fun leaves. I love how Kelly marbled the shaving cream (yes) and paint. All the beauty of the autumn colors plus all the fun of crafting with shaving cream. Yes, yes, yes.


The melty striped triangles just hit our supermarket shelves. I don't love candy corn (anyone get the Nick Jr Moose A Moose reference?), but I love the look of the white, orange, and yellow stripes for the season. Katie Brown did a great round-up of candy corn decorating ideas that has convinced me to change a few of my pumpkins...


If you haven't noticed, I have a yellow spot right over there in the left column for Alt! Alt Summit and now the Alt Channel and the Alt blog are fabulous resources for bloggers, designers, photographers, cool people, and stylists. I have made amazing connections and learned a ton from the dozen or so Alt Channel classes (very affordable at $15/class) I've taken. For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog.

I really appreciated this post from Victoria Hudgins on Setting Up and Styling a DIY. And this one too by Mike Loveland on Photoshop tricks. And scratch off business cards are really the coolest.

I wish you a bright weekend, friends.



A tri- to try for fun

Hi friends. Happy Friday. :) It's been a fun blogging week, and I'm excited to share some special treats for today's Tri- to Try.

And to start it off: the best photo I've ever taken of a fish. Because.

Did you have a cream-filled donut for breakfast? Pick one up and lick the cream first. It's National Cream-filled Donut Day. Of course you might regret it on Saturday when we celebrate the anniversary Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin and our good health! September 16 is National Play Doh Day so why not make some playdough at home and mold to your heart's content?!

Let's talk about a Tri- to Try:



Have you stopped over to Louise's site today to see our work? This month's DIY date was a challenge posed by Paige to get all of us bloggers crafting for a great cause. St. Jude's Research Hospital offers its very deserving patients the opportunity to create via the Happy Cart Crafts, aka: baggies filled with all the supplies to make an adorable craft and bring a smile to a young face. I posted one of our crafts on Monday, and I hope to share another with you next week!


When I asked Amy if she could whip up a recipe for Starbuck's Pumpkin Scones, I knew she'd be able to do it. She's always coming up with delectable dishes that make me want to spend my entire Sunday whipping up good smells and yummy bites in the kitchen.

She posted 11 pumpkin recipes that I must try. Highlights include creamy pumpkin pasta, pumpkin butter, and (Yes! Yes! Yes!) homemade pumpkin spice lattes.


Creating a gallery wall is on my fall adventure list. Gabrielle Blair recently posted an amazing selection of gallery wall ideas, and you have to check them out. 22 very different walls await your viewing. My faves? Switchroom's and Bright, Bold, and Beautiful's vintage mix. I am inspired!

Wishing you a bright weekend, friends! What do you want to try?



A tri- to try

Happy Friday, friends! Why is it that short weeks sometimes seem so long? This weekend we're taking in some football, and I'm gearing up to create our DIY date Happy Cart Crafts with my kiddos. Would you like to join in the fun for this wonderful cause? You need not be a blogger, just a generous soul. You can check out our collective Pinterest board to gather some ideas on a craft kit you'd like to assemble!

What will you be tackling this weekend? 

Have you seen acorn squash around your grocery stores and markets? Pick up a few and roast some yummy goodness tomorrow on Acorn Squash Day. Saturday brings the opportunity to seek amends as we forgive one another on Pardon Day. Perhaps a cuddle might be in order on Sunday as we ring in Teddy Bear Day (get to Build A Bear early, I'm sure it'll be packed).

Here's a great combo of ideas that I think we should give a try this weekend:



Elizabeth over at Please Note has a simple recipe for basil infused oil that you can make now and enjoy over and over! I know my basil plants are looking a little lanky, and this would be a great way to use up my final harvest!


I'm sorry, I'm really into hair tutorials lately. Camille posted this fabulous how-to for a faux bob that looks achievable for amateurs like me. Haven't you always wondered how celebs go from long locks to bouncy bob (and back again) so easily? Just fun.


You're already following the selected stylings of Cool Mom Picks over on Twitter, right? If you're not (and even if you are not a momma), you really should. They find some really interesting products. This one is a party favor that will have your guests gabbing for a while. I think it would be a great rainy afternoon project with restless kids or a fun crafternoon with friends.

Can't wait to see you next week, friends! I have a lot of goodness headed your way. Thanks for coming over to the blog. I really appreciate your visit. :)


A tri- to try

Dear Friday that welcomes the long weekend, you are beloved. We're taking time this weekend. Time in Chicago with family, time splashing in pools with friends, time sleeping in (yes!) and getting exercise, and time giving this webhome a new feel for the new season. I can't wait to welcome you over next week!!

What will your Labor Day weekend include, friend? Are you stuffing your face with trail mix today? If you did, you'd be totally justified because it's National Traix Mix day. And if you're so able, make a bouquet of forget-me-nots, morning glories, and asters on Saturday. These are the flowers of September. On Sunday grab a cupcake and sing happy birthday as you smile along with a few of Keanu Reeves' movies (Point Break? Matrix? A Walk in the Clouds?).

I'll be doing something really relaxing and life-giving on Monday. I have no idea what that will be, but I'm counting on finding something. Hope you'll do the same. See ya back here on Tuesday.



Over at Lovely Indeed I saw a fabulous use for glitter that I would actually use. Honestly, friends? I just don't handle crafting with glitter so well. Having excess glitter floating into my rug, blowing and sticking to the wood floor, and finding all sorts of other menacing spots to tease me...well, it kind of drives me itchy. However, these cute pins would be perfect for my daughters' room, my office, or even as a fun collection for a friend. Zippo crafting skills required.


Danni over at Oh, Hello Friend always has beautiful stuff gracing her pages. This week she's showcased some great organization photos that have me dreaming of whimsical storage solutions and something interesting for every room, closet, and drawer in my home.


Blogger bud, Dana over at Five30Three has been on fire, creating some great accessories. She's a diva of jewelry, typically showing her latest styles from Stella and Dot. I think she's giving them a good run for their money with her new creations. I love that she's turned from curator to creator. And, I really want to make this necklace.

Can't wait to hear about your weekend plans! Pretty please?






A tri- to try


The first ever Pars Caeli button. Made especially for the redesign of coming in a few days. You'll want to check it there because some of my favorite new bloggers also have their beautiful badges appearing on Louise's lovely site.


We finished up a trend-setting, wonderful first week of school here. I survived! Oh, and my kiddos are all loving their new teachers, school supplies (very important), and classmates.

This weekend holds some fun celebrations at Church and a whole lot of togetherness with good people, and I'm looking forward to it! What are you up to this weekend?

Let's watch a good movie tonight (any ideas?) and thank Thomas Edison for patenting the motion picture camera on this day in 1891. On Saturday find a way to connect with someone you've hurt or left out and give them a big bear hug. You'll be in full celebration of Kiss and Make Up Day, August 25. Sunday is all about the special canines in our lives as National Dog Day is marked. Spend some special time with your dog or take some time to visit a rescue center for those dogs in need of a home.

Need some other ideas?


Sincerely, Kinsey made this cool, rustic board to post photos, clippings, memories, and even some succulents. I have just the place where I'd love to hang one of these. Rotating display areas are so fun!


Danyelle always amazes me with these great kiddo projects that come from handy objects that she transforms into gloriously designed goodies. She converted a serving tray into a marble maze, and it looks like the kind of present you'd be proud to give your own or someone else's eager child.


I am on a hair kick right now. Typically I cut my hair as the weather turns colder and let it grow in the summer (weirdo). So Camille posted a handy tutorial on volume and curls, and I had to favorite it. Camille has such style that I find myself clicking through a lot of her posts. Give yourself permission to do the same this weekend!

Let's have a bright weekend, friends!


A tri- to try with some DIY

Happy Friday! I'm ready for a productive weekend. It's our last one before school begins! We have so much to celebrate.

Raise your glasses tonight for us, will you? We're celebrating our 10-year wedding anniversary today. A special loving shout out to the man behind Pars Caeli. Without him, none of this is possible...the love, the hope, the support, and the faith that we have shared. He has diminished the ugliness and amplified the beauty of life for these last ten married years. I love you always. Always, dear.

On Saturday we celebrate Sisters Day. This date was chosen by my daughters who felt like Mommy and Daddy were getting all the attention this time of year. And, so, one day after our anniversary, we party with the sisters in the house. Grab a bag of popcorn, we're in for some braiding, crafting, and giggling.

Spend some time on Sunday dreaming of your next flight of fancy as we live it up for National Aviation Day. Where are you headed next?

Special welcomes to those of you hopping over from Laid Off Mom's great DIY date this month. Louise challenged us with beads. If you haven't visited her site to check out all of the amazing creations, run, run, run! I got carried away with wood beads, and inspired by J Crew's bubble necklace, I made the top necklace. It's just some knots, cords, and chunky beads. I also made the bracelet (that I've also worn as a necklace) for a little neutral drama (those two things can go together, right?).


In the spirit of DIY, I have found three easy, dramatically wonderful projects for you to accomplish (start to finish) in one sitting!


Jordan over at Oh Happy Day made some charming printed brown paper bags that make me think happy thoughts for the first days of school and great goodie bags. You can do this simple process (she takes you through how to do this with your own printer) with some impactful results.

And if you're looking for great school lunch ideas, check out the creative ideas that Jen has over at Classic Play. Easy ways to make the most out of the noontime meal.


Jessica creates the most unbelievable paper projects. I admire each and every one of them. Many I could not do. This one, my friends, I am making. I think it'll go in the playroom. If you send me the paper, I'll make one for you, too. Imagine this in a shade of one color (a la ombre goodness). Gorgeous!! Start to finish time? 10 minutes...maybe.

Let's make one of those paper balls in the photo, too, okay?


My hair is really long right now. Like middle of my back long. I wear it up 98% of the time, and I'm always looking for cute (easy) ways to style it. Joanna Goddard finds the best of most things, and hair styles are no exception. Here's a simple twisted ponytail that looks and is super simple. This pony adds a little something extra to the classic silhouette.

Have a bright weekend, friends. Will you be DIYing anything?


PS. I'm also over at Bring Joy today. See you over at Janae's gorgeous site.

A tri- to try

Did you know that my Friday loveliness is inspired by a much bigger and more glamorous bloggers? Have you seen The Glitter Guide? Every Friday they post five fun, often magical, things to try over the weekend. They always have gorgeous images and fabulous ideas. Check them out.

My Fridays offer you a Tri- to Try, 3 ideas/projects/thoughts that might inspire you to venture into something new or re-explore something old. And, I always love to throw in 3 (sometimes silly) reasons to celebrate over the weekend.

And, so, without further adieu...

Are you fully living out Lazy Day today? Yes, that's right, August 10th is officially Lazy Day. You have my permission to lie on the couch in your jammies. But get ready because Saturday is calling you to the ballpark to remember the historical day in 1929 when Babe Ruth became the first person to hit 500 home runs in his career. Take a crack at hitting it over the fences. Sunday is Middle Child's Day so don't forget that middle child (again) in your life. Make sure you let them sit between you and your significant other...embrace the middle.



I was really inspired by this post, and a little in awe of the writing frankly, and I can't not pass it along to you. It came to me via Beth Rago, and it's kind of been in my head this week. Here's an appetizer of Jeff Goins writing. Make sure your order the main entree.

Good stories involve conflict, which is a nice word for pain. People don’t become heroes without sacrifice, and as creatures of comfort, this is the last thing we want to endure.

Surely, our stories don’t have to require suffering in order them to be good — do they? They do, indeed.


I have had this post bookmarked for a while. It's just so smart, and I use it as a resource. Karen offers seven different ways to style your bookshelves. And they're all beautiful. I find it kind of amazing.


It's almost back-to-school time around here, and I'm deep into backpacks, supply lists, and clothing. I've also been thinking more and more about writing letters to all of my children's new teachers this year. I want to give them a head's up on what wonderful, wacky kiddos are headed their way. As a former teacher, I know that I would have loved knowing more about my students early in the year...before I uncovered, I mean discovered it all myself. I'm also thinking that one of these small, crafty presents might be a fun way to start off the school year right. I think the highlighter present is corny fun! Thanks, Tip Junkie!

Have a bright weekend, friends! We're headed on a little vacation to the big city next week, but I hope to still post some loveliness for you. More details here after the enjoyable summer weekend...


PS. Those chunky beads will be making an apperance over at Laid Off Mom's next DIY date. Can't wait to show you!

A tri- to try


It's Friday, friends, and that means it's time to gear up or downshift for the weekend. I've got a tri- for you to try in your home, on your blog, and in your office.

Today, will you be dressing like friend to pretend your twins for the Twins Day Festival? No? Well, then make sure you grab a hot dog, pretzel, or whatever else suits your fancy to ring in the party for National Mustard Day on Saturday. Call your sister or spend the whole Sunday with her on the 5th because it's officially Sisters Day. We'll be celebrating sisters in a big way at our house on August 18th during our annual Sisters Day (more on that later).



Nicole over at Making It Lovely posted an awesome how-to guide on pattern layering. I love her mix of whimsy and classical design. It makes me want to try some new pillows or a new tray in my living room to create some more interesting vignettes.


Victoria over at VMac and Cheese has a bundle of fabulous ideas. Did you catch her ideas to drive more traffic to your blog? Number 2 and number 3 have me thinking that maybe I should change some things up!

On a bloggy note, don't forget to join me and many, many other amazing bloggers tomorrow (Saturday, August 4) for Blog Brunch. It's an amazing hour over on Twitter, and we're talking about Growing a Readership.


Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel crafted some mighty cute pinhole cards that you and I could totally create this weekend and send to each other. All you need is some great colored cardstock, a scissors, tape, safety pin, (I've got all those!) and a mirrored image of the text or image you want to create.

We're hanging out at home and soaking up one of the last weekends of summer with birthday parties, back-to-school shopping, and good old-fashioned rest.

Have a bright weekend, friends!




A tri- to try

Hello Friday! You are always such a welcome guest. We're hosting a little BBQ for some coworkers tonight and then heading into Chicago tomorrow for an outdoor concert and time with grandparents. How about you?

Will you be celebrating the opening ceremony of the Olympics tomorrow night (DVR all the way, baby)? Or will Saturday bring a pound of fudge to whoop it up for National Milk Chocolate Day? Don't forget to throw a big gathering for National Lasagna Day on Sunday...what a great meal for a big group of friends.

I've got a Tri- for you to Try this weekend.



The photo above is my shout out to Olympic-ish washi love. This Monday I crafted (for the first time) something washi for Miss Louise. The DIY date challenge was for us to create anything with washi tape...wide open - anything.

I was delighted to see the whole range of possibilities from Paige's cool polka dot bangle to Joy's lovely laptop covering to Whitney's cool tray.

As for me, I wanted a way to show Instagram a little desktop lovin' so I made some mini-corkboards. I purchased some striped mini-washi tape and created a rainbow stripe (similar to that whimsical one you see up there in that header!). I loved how I could pull off and adjust the tape with no issues or re-stick problems. My 7-year old daughter also crafted one with ease. Washi is really forgiving. If you've thought about using it for a project, do it.

I printed my photos to Instagram viewing size...about 2.5" x 2.5".


I can't believe how excited I am to be glued to my television for the next two weeks and watch the Olympics. My oldest daughter is the only one who remembers the Winter Olympics, and now all of them have the fever, with special hopes of watching their favorite sports and athletes compete. How are you all going to make the most of the games?

I have two great links for you. Check out these really well done printables for the Olympics. Erica over at Crash Notes created them for Project Life but they also make just awesome cards to post on your desk. (Thanks for Emily Kate for this great pin!)

And if you want to get the whole fam involved, check out all the great ideas from Laurie over on the Fiskars blog. Note: link includes felt laurel wreaths, world flags, and Olympic torches. Ooh la la.

Lastly, the unbelievable bingo cards, medals, mazes, and board games for the Olympics over at Tinyme Games will make you want to hit print over and over again.


Hmm, that sounded more interesting in my head. Miss Kelly from Centsible Life sent me over to this great info. Dear blogger pals, here are some insights into all the tools at your disposal and a glossary of those terms we throw around to show that our blogs are fabulous. But, really, who needs stats? We're doing this because it's a whole lot of fun and a welcome distraction from so many other less creative ventures!

Here's to a great weekend. Looking forward to the close of a busy work summer and an extra special coffee date with the wonderful Melanie from Inward Facing Girl next week!! Like, in real life. :)

Have a bright weekend, friends. XOXO, MJ

A tri- to try because you're cool

 Happy Friday, friends. It's been a fun, fun week here at Pars Caeli. This photo sums it up for me. My hubby brought home roses and rootbeer to celebrate the blog week (are you following me on Instagram? Come check it out at @parscaeli). He is so supportive and, even after 15+ years of love, finds new ways to insert joy into my day. And do you see those rolls of washi tape wonderful? Yes, those are soon to be transformed into my DIY meet-up with Laid Off Mom. Check her site on Monday to see the really cute desktop lovely I created that I think you might just fancy. Lastly, I'm trying to honor my homework commitment from the photo class with Justin Hackworth that I took through the Alt Channel this week. I am loving my new camera.

We're still moving in and working through some kinks in the new site. A big shout-out to the ah-mazing team of support known as Squarespace. The 24/7 advertised assistance is really accurate, and I love that (and need it) as a hobby blogger. I vow to get Disqus up and running by next week because I just miss talking to you guys!!

This weekend will you be celebrating over the moon by honoring the anniversary of the first lunar landing on Friday? If not, be sure to toast Robin Williams on Saturday, his birthday. The kiddos and I just watched Alladin for the first time together, and he's just so good in that one. And dear, dear parents, this Sunday is Parents' Day (yes, it's an official holiday since 1994). It's a day to honor the hard work and goodness that is the everyday of parenthood. How will we celebrate it? Yes, with a date just to ourselves.

This week's Tri- to Try is a mix of fun and inspiration just for you fabulous people who keep on coming back.


Really, my favorite drink is chocolate milk, but that's not as fun when gathered around the table with friends. So, I have for you the best margarita recipe. The bit of extra time it takes to make the perfect blend is worth it. Yes, it is.

My go-to drink is a margarita on the rocks with salt. Lots of salt. And, yes, I have been known (in the nicest way) to send back my margarita for more salt.

Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo featured a delicious recipe from Kate of Cookie + Kate for the perfect recipe.

Let's toast the goodness that awaits us.


A Beautiful Mess always has something interesting popping up, and this post on brightening photos caught my eye. I use Photoshop and Illustrator every day in my professional life, but I haven't used Photoshop for this purpose too often.

It's an easy tip that really makes a big difference.


My real-life friend and blogger, Colleen (remember she did that great post on loving your neighbor) has put her mind and her life into motion to write her first (of many I'm sure) book. I am so excited for her; now is the time. She's a momma of five who homeschools, blogs, photographs, and makes me laugh and reflect through it all. She's done some great reading on the art of writing, and she has pulled 3 memorable quotes that will make you write richer content with greater purpose.

Wishing you a bright weekend, friends. We have no major plans other than some time together, and right about now that feels pretty major.