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Chat It Up: Outward Appearances

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One of my favorite times of the week has arrived, friends! Let's chat it up.

Today's topic? Beauty. And not the amazing, inner light - the one that shines so bright in those who radiate beauty and whose lives reflect that brilliance.

Nope, we're talking exterior, surface today.

If you haven't heard me blab about it yet, let me share the good news (did you hear the angel choir voices), I'm heading to Alt NYC. This lovely day of fun will be hosted at Martha's HQ, and I will have the chance to chat with some of the most fabulous bloggers around the country. I can't wait to show you everything I see. This will be my very first trip to the Big Apple so any and all advice is welcome!

Honesty here: I'm already stressing about what I'll wear. Or more how I'll look.

I admit it, I'm vain, particularly when I'm meeting new people. It's not my best quality. But, it is.

I'm a gal on a limited budget so I've been trying to prioritize my look. Without saying, I would love to have those to-die-for shoes, with a killer dress, a touch of color in my newly trimmed locks, with some fresh makeup, and accessories that are more than memorable. But, that's not gonna happen.

So, let's talk surface here, friends.

Besides the confident walk, the gleam in the eye, and a dazzling smile, what do you notice first when you meet someone?

Where do you invest your money? Great make up? A signature hair style? Nails that complete a look? I'm really interested in your answers.

xoxo, MJ 

A tri- to try for holiday prep

Our holiday season is officially off and running. With the Nutcracker performance last Saturday (my daughter M is one of the purple butterflies) and hours of decorating our home, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. We'll be celebrating the close of November and December beginnings this weekend as well as the first Sunday in Advent (light that purple candle).

I have been starring and pinning and dog-earing some great ideas for holiday preparation, and I'm excited to share three wih you today...



Joanna always has the cutest hair tutorials for those of us with long locks. Now she's put them all in one spot for us to plan and primp for the next holiday party. I've been seriously contemplating returning to the chin-length bob but these have me convinced that I should wait and have a little more fun with my length. Which ones are your faves? I'm crazy about the chestnut bun and the ponytail twist.


Advent calendars are the perfect way to make every day special as we build the anticipation to the big day. Babble writers found some creative countdowns that would be great for the crescendo of Christmas prep. They could also be easily converted to wonderful ways to get excited about upcoming nuptials or a lovely future trip. Check out some of these clever ideas.


I've taken a couple of classes from Victoria over at A Subtle Revelry, and I have left each one surprised by the number of super helpful strategies that land in my lap. Victoria is giving all of us one heaping big DIY package of assistance in the form of her well-designed and styled holiday issue. In it you'll find recipes, craft ideas, nice uses of typography, and charming photographs. Page 11 is ultra fun and useful and the spread on cranberries is fabulous and informative.

Wishing you a bright and merry weekend. Hoping this web home will get some holiday fa la la la adjustments over these days, too. We'll see.


A tri- to try

Happy Friday, friends! Why is it that short weeks sometimes seem so long? This weekend we're taking in some football, and I'm gearing up to create our DIY date Happy Cart Crafts with my kiddos. Would you like to join in the fun for this wonderful cause? You need not be a blogger, just a generous soul. You can check out our collective Pinterest board to gather some ideas on a craft kit you'd like to assemble!

What will you be tackling this weekend? 

Have you seen acorn squash around your grocery stores and markets? Pick up a few and roast some yummy goodness tomorrow on Acorn Squash Day. Saturday brings the opportunity to seek amends as we forgive one another on Pardon Day. Perhaps a cuddle might be in order on Sunday as we ring in Teddy Bear Day (get to Build A Bear early, I'm sure it'll be packed).

Here's a great combo of ideas that I think we should give a try this weekend:



Elizabeth over at Please Note has a simple recipe for basil infused oil that you can make now and enjoy over and over! I know my basil plants are looking a little lanky, and this would be a great way to use up my final harvest!


I'm sorry, I'm really into hair tutorials lately. Camille posted this fabulous how-to for a faux bob that looks achievable for amateurs like me. Haven't you always wondered how celebs go from long locks to bouncy bob (and back again) so easily? Just fun.


You're already following the selected stylings of Cool Mom Picks over on Twitter, right? If you're not (and even if you are not a momma), you really should. They find some really interesting products. This one is a party favor that will have your guests gabbing for a while. I think it would be a great rainy afternoon project with restless kids or a fun crafternoon with friends.

Can't wait to see you next week, friends! I have a lot of goodness headed your way. Thanks for coming over to the blog. I really appreciate your visit. :)


A tri- to try


The first ever Pars Caeli button. Made especially for the redesign of coming in a few days. You'll want to check it there because some of my favorite new bloggers also have their beautiful badges appearing on Louise's lovely site.


We finished up a trend-setting, wonderful first week of school here. I survived! Oh, and my kiddos are all loving their new teachers, school supplies (very important), and classmates.

This weekend holds some fun celebrations at Church and a whole lot of togetherness with good people, and I'm looking forward to it! What are you up to this weekend?

Let's watch a good movie tonight (any ideas?) and thank Thomas Edison for patenting the motion picture camera on this day in 1891. On Saturday find a way to connect with someone you've hurt or left out and give them a big bear hug. You'll be in full celebration of Kiss and Make Up Day, August 25. Sunday is all about the special canines in our lives as National Dog Day is marked. Spend some special time with your dog or take some time to visit a rescue center for those dogs in need of a home.

Need some other ideas?


Sincerely, Kinsey made this cool, rustic board to post photos, clippings, memories, and even some succulents. I have just the place where I'd love to hang one of these. Rotating display areas are so fun!


Danyelle always amazes me with these great kiddo projects that come from handy objects that she transforms into gloriously designed goodies. She converted a serving tray into a marble maze, and it looks like the kind of present you'd be proud to give your own or someone else's eager child.


I am on a hair kick right now. Typically I cut my hair as the weather turns colder and let it grow in the summer (weirdo). So Camille posted a handy tutorial on volume and curls, and I had to favorite it. Camille has such style that I find myself clicking through a lot of her posts. Give yourself permission to do the same this weekend!

Let's have a bright weekend, friends!


A tri- to try

Happy Friday! It kind of feels more like Tuesday, but, hey, I'm going with it. We have plans for the pool, the sprinklers, and lots of icy drink around here for the weekend; it's going to be super hot.

I have a triad of ideas for you to discover over the for today, one for tomorrow, and one for Sunday.

Are you celebrating something this weekend? Perhaps 7/7 on Saturday or Video Game Day on Sunday? Well, even if you're not going to throw a party for either of those, here are some great ideas for frosting a cake. Kelly over at Studio DIY has some great tricks that can make even the least professional among us (pointing to myself) look ah-mazing. For little C's birthday, I disguised my lack of skill under rainbow M&Ms, and I was pretty pleased with the results and flavor.
Watercolor pencils are my new favorite art supply. They have the control of pencil and the blending ability and surprise of watercolor. When was the last time you took a sketchpad outside with some pencils or watercolors? Try it this weekend.

Undone hairdos are all the rage for summer. The messy bun, the roped pony, the loose braid–all beautiful and breezy. Anthropologie posted some great ideas for hair that shows the ease of summer. Here's M's version of a messy twist, designed and styled all by herself.
Hope you enjoyed the Tri- to Try. Wishing you all a bright weekend!