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Itty Bitty Lovelies: Straight from the Magazines

Hey you fabulous reader, you. How are you?? Can I tell you, the weekend around here was just gorgeous? Top to bottom, good old-fashioned fun. My youngest, L, got his first sunburn ever (oops, bad mom), and his sun kissed, rosy cheeks are just the cutest thing ever.

Back at it with some Itty Bitty Lovelies to start off the week from some reading I was able to do this weekend (reading magazines = leisurely bliss around here). And if you follow me on Instagram (go ahead, it's fun) at @parscaeli, you saw that my sweet friend, Andrea, sent Sweet Paul magazine my way, and I perused the pages over and over again.

Unforgettable centerpiece

Have 90 stems of fresh flowers sent your way? No? Me, neither. However, Sweet Paul did, and this amazing wreath centerpiece came into existence. Pop over and gawk with me. Back to reality, though... I think we could make something pretty spectacular from carnations or other inexpensive blooms in bulk quantity. The final effect is quite stunning. And, I kinda just want to wear it on my head. Is that just me?

Bold brows are the thing

I've had distinctive eyebrows since birth. Not particularly bold, but arched in a way that gives my face expression even in my most passive moments. The thick brow is on the return, and Rue has some great products and tips for making the most of our brows. Would you go bold?

Do not lose another earring

What do you do with all the spare buttons that come your way? If you're me, you put them in one of your dresser drawers until you decide you have too many and then you toss the less pretty ones. The Paper Mama through Better Homes and Gardens has created the perfect use for them. Button earring holders. Every great button has at least two holes, yes? Behold, a fabulous way to keep sets together and show off unique buttons at the same time.

Itty Bitty Lovely from me:

Pack the picnic blanket wherever you go

The weather around here is just turning the corner, and I'm so thankful that we still had our waterproof/weatherproof foldable blanket in the back. We were ready for soccer and softball games, and impromptu gazing at the clouds and sketching outside. Give yourself an adventure, and pop a blanket perfect for any terrain in the trunk. You won't regret it.

Off we go, for another great week...

xoxo, MJ




Chat It Up: Outward Appearances

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One of my favorite times of the week has arrived, friends! Let's chat it up.

Today's topic? Beauty. And not the amazing, inner light - the one that shines so bright in those who radiate beauty and whose lives reflect that brilliance.

Nope, we're talking exterior, surface today.

If you haven't heard me blab about it yet, let me share the good news (did you hear the angel choir voices), I'm heading to Alt NYC. This lovely day of fun will be hosted at Martha's HQ, and I will have the chance to chat with some of the most fabulous bloggers around the country. I can't wait to show you everything I see. This will be my very first trip to the Big Apple so any and all advice is welcome!

Honesty here: I'm already stressing about what I'll wear. Or more how I'll look.

I admit it, I'm vain, particularly when I'm meeting new people. It's not my best quality. But, it is.

I'm a gal on a limited budget so I've been trying to prioritize my look. Without saying, I would love to have those to-die-for shoes, with a killer dress, a touch of color in my newly trimmed locks, with some fresh makeup, and accessories that are more than memorable. But, that's not gonna happen.

So, let's talk surface here, friends.

Besides the confident walk, the gleam in the eye, and a dazzling smile, what do you notice first when you meet someone?

Where do you invest your money? Great make up? A signature hair style? Nails that complete a look? I'm really interested in your answers.

xoxo, MJ