A tri- to try

Hi friends!! We're wrapping up our time away today, and we'll be back (exhausted) and ready to celebrate Thanksgiving next week. In the by and by, here's what else you can make festive this weekend. Today it's all about buttons so grab your collection and spread them out for all to enjoy on National Button Day. Grab your coat and hat on Saturday and let's enjoy the great outdoors for National Take a Hike Day. On Sunday we'll be ringing in the final day of Games and Puzzles Week. What's your fave? I'm a huge Othello and Upwords fan.



I'm on my laptop, my phone, or the Ipad everyday...and so are my children. Strange things get stuck or deposited on the keyboard and screens. Sometimes I just want to get out the leaf blower and push all those germs out of the way. Instead let's try this. Check out this short, easy video from Momiverse on how to clean all the technology in your world (without specialty cleaners). You'll also find out what device is the dirtiest of them all.


Jessica over at How About Orange has curated a fabulous stash of DIYs we can each do to spruce up that (or those) blank walls. Check out this board, and if you're not following her on Pinterest, go ahead and do that, too. You can pin some of these to your super secret boards!


One year ago we embarked on the journey of home renovation, and it was definitely an experience as much as an end product. It began as an effort to extend the laundry/mini-mudroom we enter off of the garage. The overflow of shoes, backpacks, and laundry baskets was becoming a fire hazard and an unwelcome greeting to our every entrance.

When we reviewed the plans, my husband and I realized we were beginning a domino fall. Move the laundry? Well, that means we should finish off more of the basement. Take down that wall? Move that stud? Well, you get the idea. In order to complete all that needed to be done, we packed up the playroom (you know that space that has every small toy, party favor, and leftover artwork in it?), and the contents of the entire first floor of our house.

Wanna learn how it turned out? Follow me over to Frock Files to hear all about it. I'm guest posting for Miss Joy over there... Tag, you're it.

Let's have a bright weekend, friends. We have much for which to show our gratitude.