Alt Summit 2014: Messages for All

Alright, here it is. The last of my Alt Summit recap posts. Thank you all for joining in the journey and keeping on with me as I hash and rehash what was a wonderful four days for me and this blog.

As my final homage, I'm wrapping up the experience with three quotes that have the most sticky-ness for me.

The first one above is from Salem Stanley, owner and founder of Vacation Races. He spent most of his time sharing Facebook strategies with his eager audience. And when speaking more broadly about how he's grown his business so quickly and so well, he boldly declared that, "If you're not embarassed by your first iteration, you're moving too slow."

And I immediately

felt better.

Moving with the speed of your readers' eyes and interests doesn't always allow for the refinement I strive to have in all my work. But maybe it's more about the process of doing and the interaction with your readers that's more important than the quest for perfectionism.

And that is awesome.

And leads sweetly into my favorite motto of Pinterest from Ben Silbermann,

Keep doing, keep failing, keep going. Good things take a long while to develop.

And this last one summed up the essence of why I blog... and Alt reinforced the necessity and the duty we have to ourselves to be brilliantly who we are for the world to appreciate. Originality is the new hot commodity. Wear yours well. Thanks for the words, Amy Christie:

Where are you finding your inspiration these days?

xoxo, MJ