Mini Cooks: A complete menu

What's the sweetest way to end a lovely series? With dessert, of course.

Sheri has baked up a classic treat that she's honed to perfection - cupcake cones! I've never made these, and it's been on my mom-to-do list for a while. And I wouldn't want anyone but Sheri to give me the complete scoop (pun intended) on how to make these work - and look so good!

I loved this note of wisdom and encouragement from Sheri's post today:

It’s all about working together to create something special, and if {using a mix} is going to help you get there, then go for it. Sometimes you just want to cut right to the fun part, and especially with young children or kids who are not enthusiastic cooks, a mix is just the ticket.

The Mini Cooks series has been such fun to create together with Joy and Sheri. These ladies have such talent and creativity! They not only inspire me, but they naturally push me to be better.

And the best part of the whole experience for me was that my family came along for the ride! We made meals and snacks together and tried new flavors and dishes. If Spring Break is coming up, consider pinning the series and take some time to enjoy cooking together!

A fun surprise is in store for tomorrow. Pars Caeli turns TWO, and I have a present...

See you for the party - pajamas and slippers are encouraged. :)

xoxo, MJ

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