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A Warm Welcome to Alt

I'm a dessert before dinner kind of gal, and I have a treat for you, friends.

We all know and love Theresa of Inspiration Coop (if you don't, click on over to see gorgeousness), and I've hoodwinked her into spending some time over on Pars Caeli today. Theresa is a woman of total class, impeccable style, and bubbling-over talent. She's also a very busy lady with a wonderful family and aspirations - and I'm hoping that I can get her back into the giving of blog posts on Inspiration Coop because her brilliance lifts all of us up. Theresa and Sarah were a part of our Alt Rep proposal, and we were all bummed when we found out that T wouldn't be joining us.

But she's here today so let's show her some love as she (per usual) turns the focus on others!

Photo by Justin Hackworth

By now, I hope you've all heard the amazing news that Emily, MJ, Paige, and Ellen are at Alt SLC fulfilling their roles as super-duper, official Alt Reps. (Read more here, if you haven't.) If you're at Alt, make sure to hunt these women down. You may just discover a new best friend. Or, if you're not at Alt, do the next best thing and live vicariously through them. Either way, you will come to quickly realize that this amazing opportunity to represent Alt couldn't have happened to four better - i.e., down-to-earth, gracious, welcoming, collaborative, inclusive, and engaging - women. Before the fantastic four donned their Alt Rep capes and jetted to Salt Lake City, I caught up with them to ask two questions:

1) What are you most looking forward to about attending Alt SLC 2014?

2) If given five minutes to meet/talk with any attendee or speaker at the conference, who is that person?

Without further ado, herewith are their answers...Thank you, ladies: