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DIY Puppet Show

I'm sharing a quick craft you can make for and/or with your children today over on Classic Play. Puppet shows are always fun, no matter the season or occasion. We created our own mobile theater that fits in our doorframes by transforming a pillowcase into a stage curtain.

It's an easy project that will last you all summer long. We also made paper bag puppets (remember these?), and you better believe that sock puppets are on tap for another project this summer.


Click on over to Classic Play to see all of the details! See you back here tomorrow for one crazy good circus for Endless Summer Projects!

xoxo, MJ

Squeeze in Time for Play

How can you can tell which games you or your family love the most? As I discovered, they are the least photogenic. I adore board games; marathon monopoly weekends are a favorite part of my childhood memories. As a tween, my room was right next to the game closet (formerly known as the linen closet that was taken over by puzzles and family games). And Saturday evenings were meant for a tough match of Win, Lose, or Draw or a casual hand of pinochle with my parents.


Playing games as a family is not only fun and a sweet stress reliever, it allows families to get to know each other on new levels. Watching teamwork develop and competition rise and fall... even the teasing and antics all become a part of who we are as sisters, mothers, brothers.


I'm sharing our top board games for kids 10 & Under over on my Squeeze Time spot at Classic Play! Have I mentioned how much I love contributing to such a vibrant community? Thanks for having me back, Jen. Come check out our picks and argue with me over the quintessential board game...


Have a bright weekend, friends!


xoxo, MJ