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Mid Century Modern Bird Feeders: Endless Summer Projects


This week's Endless Summer Project is a real treat from Melissa of Lulu the Baker. Combine the love of color, architecture, and modernism into one fantastic project for the family to create. Her midcentury modern birdfeeder is simple in design, with full instructions included.

We love watching the birds in our backyard. With the warm temperatures, we've been eating dinner out on the deck and have discovered a momma robin feeding her nest of four babies in one of our plum trees. When I mention to my three that they once resembled those desperately hungry hatchlings, they snicker and giggle. It's awesome to watch another family in its beginning stages.

Hop on over to Lulu the Baker to get all the info you need to make one of these modern birdhouses, and be sure to check out all the other projects we've had so far in the Endless Summer Projects series! Next week's post is a full on circus to delight...

  1. The printable summer banner from Classic Play
  2. A large-scale art project with tape from Pars Caeli
  3. A ready-to-go, free printable scavenger hunt from Alexandra Hedin
  4. A collapsible cardboard playhouse from This Heart of Mine
  5. This mid century modern bird feeder at Lulu the Baker

 Happy summer? Have you started any projects yet?

xoxo, MJ